Does NEW YORK STATE Have The Death Penalty ?

? if they Dont have it anymore why don't they??
No they don't because they declared it unconstitutional.
No. In June of 2004, in the appeal of Stephen LaVelle, the Court of Appeals (NY's great court) ruled the states death penalty to be unconstitutionally flawed. It also ruled that it be up to the state legislature to fix the flaw or the law could not be implemented. As a result the State Assembly held a series of hearing about the death cost where over 150 people testify. Anyone who wanted to give nouns was allowed to.

As a result of the hearings,the Assembly decline to pass a "quick fix" to the directive.

Some of what the hearing showed:
New York State is near the top of the index of people serving long terms for murder, kidnap or rate who were found innocent with DNA evidence. They could enjoy been executed.

Appeals courts can't second guess juries that enjoy convicted an innocent person.

The death cost costs much more than life without parole.

New York State have life without parole (every state except Alaska have it) and it means what it says

The departure penalty does not deter people from committing disorderly crimes. Violent criminals do not think about consequences. If they have a sneaking suspicion that at all, they think they won't be caught.

Last of adjectives, and most powerfully, families of homicide victims testified that the demise penalty process creates new and prolonged discomfort for them, Source(s): I was at the hearings. No they hold Declared it Unconstitutional Piracy – Nathaniel Gordon on February 21, 1862, in New York (Federal execution). Was actually executed for slave trading, which be defined as piracy and therefore subject to the same cost.

they have tried many of times to gain it back but unsucessful of doing so, to this day New york state have no Death Penatly.
No we don't.

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