At what age can your parents justifiably ask you to take off home?

That is, if you're in the UK. And, no, I'm not about to achieve kicked out but I need to know for a project I'm undertaking.
It was 9 for me.

Still questioning the authenticity of it. I lived in Trafalgar Square for 15 years after that :(
at 16 you are no longer a miner and there is no law that make a parent keep you
just as a parent can not force a 16 year hoary to be somewhere, they no longer have to take charge of you Source(s): my head Your parents are legally responsible for your sanctuary, welfare and housing until you are 18
no age, there is no tenet or ruling that says your parents have the right to ask you to bestow your home
18 because ur considerd a adult
so no 16 individual 18
Really at anytime. But legally probobly 16 or 18
In the UK, 15 & under, social services will draw from involved.16 & up, nobody, not even the police are bothered. But the council will house a 16 year old. I know this because it happened to me so adjectives those who insist your parents have to be responsible for you till you are 18 are sadly wrong. Source(s): Personal experience. Legally the "age of majority", consequence the age you become a legal adult within whatever country you are in -- within UK, I believe that's 16.

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