Can the social worker do this?

if a social worker went into my 5 year old daughters college to speak to her about a matter contained by the family regarding her sibling, would she call for to have another adult present or would she be free to speak to her alone?
Why would the Social Worker involve to have another adult pressent?

I guess in need knowing the specifics of the situation, I don't really understand the question.

Are you asking more or less parental consent to treat a minor?

But in all prospect, the anser is no. Source(s): Licensed Clinical Social Worker The government has taken away plentifully of power from parents. I don't know the laws in your state, but it's probably allowed. The senate is allowed to bend the minds of our children in many ways. You obligation to pay attention and ask your kid every day what happen at school.

if your daughter wanted to enjoy one or both of her parents present then she would have the right to do so.

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