What would appear if someone without being seen and walk away from a council executive who attempted to fine them for?

littering or dropping a match, and asked for their name and address?
If the council executive attempted to use force to stop them walking away, could the offender use force in self security?
Why are all the other people who hold answered such ignorant, arrogant sociopaths?

You're the one who whinge going on for how bad things and demand 'zero-tolerance' but later when someone tries to do something about it you get adjectives up in the air because you choose to believe some trumped up story within one of the tabloids notorious for their inaccuracy.

They have no right to use force. They can make a citizens arrest, but they don't own any legal authority over you, and certainly enjoy no powers of arrest as they're not the Police.
If they attempt to restrain you by force, you are within your rights to contact the Police and press charges for assault.

They're usually jumped up retired guarantee guards who long for power and importance.
Now I wonder if this over zealous council official would have be as eager to ask a 6'6" 25 stone skinhead with tattoo's on his eyeballs aphorism "I Hate Council Officials" for his name and address, I doubt it somehow, yet they elatedly peruse their quarry when its a great-grandfather's waiting to pick up his great-granddaughter from school, it fuking stinks.

AS far as I'm concerned you can kick-em as knotty as you like, as often as you approaching, where you like to preserve your self from these pests who only peruse the weak, the adjectives and the decent, the real scumbags who they should also be tackle they give them a very huge berth and turn a very big blind eye.
I fuking hate-em, these yuks really do get lower than my skin.
yes and call police to press charges on administrator for assault on u
Council official? They'd achieve kicked in the nuts over here; move to Texas.

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