What is the response times NHS Trust own to following when responding to a complaint?

I am writing a letter of complaint to my local hospital what time line does the hospital enjoy to follow under the NHS Patients Charter.
The letter will be acknowledged inwardly 14 days.
The complaint will be addressed in a sensible time.

What is reasonable rather depends on the complaint:

"The female who runs the tea-shop was rude" is one thing.

"The consultant neurologist fitted my father near the wrong brain" is rather different.

You might find a rather quicker response if your complaint asks for a specific entry to happen. An unfocussed rant is difficult to respond to.
If you demand 'compensation' the unharmed thing will be shunted off to lawyer and you can expect a very sedate response time. Source(s): I'm a legal representative. I don't believe there is a specific time in which they own to respond as certain complaints can take a long time to investigate. They do enjoy to acknowledge your letter and then depending on how complicated the complaint is it could rob some time.
Most hospitals have a complaints procedure and you should try phoning and asking what the time limits are.
For holiness sake don't under any circumstances follow the NHS complaints procedure, they will close ranks and whitewash you. Find a solicitor who deals beside complaints against the NHS. Ask for any records from the hospital now previously they go "missing" in other words earlier they are destroyed.

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