Can concierges show CCTV footage to residents if someone asked?

If a resident asks to see a footage of CCTV from the concierge, are they allowed to show them? I live in London
A concierge at a hotel? It's THEIR video. A private company. They can show it to whoever they want to. Company policy will depend on who they can show it to, which usually will mean no they won't show it. The law would hold no say in who they could show their own video to. They wouldn't even enjoy to show it to the police if they didn't want to, without a court order or subpoena anyway.
If you live in a council building contact your housing officer and narrate them why you want too see it. For instance a neighbour is being anti social and they should know about it. As for you person allowed to see it this wil fall under an conduct yourself of law. So the chances are they wont consent to you. Though if your on good terms beside them, they may give you a fly look...

Other wise your going down the realm of hiring a lawyer. the freedom of information act is the route to budge and this again is legal stuff... Tell them why you want a look or have them look themselves if you know the date and times to look at, you might win lucky..
CCTV tapes are private property merely open to court order or a must involve know basis.
Yes they can.
The CCTV footage belongs to the company or building owners.

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