What do depart minded[?] Lefties judge of the points surrounded by the clip below? isnt it time they re-evaluate their snug?

snuggling up to islamists, suicide bombers and those hamas & hezbolla child-abusers who poison their kids minds with quranically inspired jew-hatred?
andrew botom is referring to the book he's written on the history of islamic anti-semitism. enjoy!

You really purely need to ask "What Would Jesus Do?"

Would he hate the terrorists?
Would he shoot them adjectives with depleted uranium?
Would he kill the innocents that are close them?
Would he use racism and fear to further his agenda?
Or would he say Love everyone as you do me and to turn the other cheek?
This is economically know maybe not by the public but left winger aid less how they destroy our society simply that it is destroyed one way or the other . Mass immigration has be a good start to there war which our children's children will suffer .; The violence and upheaval that is going to ensue surrounded by the future to this once peaceful settled topography will be hard to contemplate.

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