Fathers living near paternity fraud?

We all know it goes on, where on earth a mother knows that someone other than the properly named father is the real biological father to her child, or she know there is merely a possibility that someone else could be the father, yet she allows one selective man accept full legal responsibility. Perhaps this would usually be her husband, who would automatically legally be presumed to be the father unless he rebuts it, or her boyfriend.

But how do father cope with the fallout of finding out the truth, or simply having logical suspicion of being taken for a ride? Have any been positive to ignore the matter?
If he requests to free himself from financial responsibility then he would have to lug it to court or Jez Kyle for a DNA test.

Finding out your kid isnt yours would be devastating not just for the man but for the kid. Many adopt it and it doesnt affect the relationship between father and child. You cant just break a paternal bond regardless of biology.

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