Why do politicians own double chins and look unnatural?

every time i watch politicians on my tele, they all own the same double chin that wobbles when they talk. Most look chubby, with weird looking face that look lop sided, or mishaped, some talk funny ,but most are sleeping, should we. the public have to see these putrid vile race on our tv
Not all of them do - singular the fat weirdos.
Yes. It make a nice change from putrid vile celebs.

BTW, politicians are elected because of their abilities, to some extent than their looks. Thank gawd.

Also, how many politicians have you in truth met and shook hands with?

I would guess that I hold talked to more than twenty. And had lunch beside a few. None of them meets your description.

because they are posh and snobby and think they are it and think they know right when individual the public do and well they are stuck up and are only surrounded by it for the money!

good question btw lol xxx
For one, they spend most of their time squabbling for votes and amendments they want to put in bills, going away little time to take care of themselves physically.

Edit: I'm sorry.... I'm purely noticing that this was originally asked over on the United Kingdom site. It's appeared over on the U.S. board for some apology.
sadly only too true we should pack our parliamentarian ranks with porn stars like the Italians do even getting a pimp to be boss, god love you Italians for your shining example.

Grazie Mille xx
It's portion of the job description.

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