I am 17 (for instance) and I want to bring together the SAS or the Navy SEALS?

How long is my training to become an armchair commando?
Navy SEALs
Both are hard as hell, i wouldnt even reason about joining either one of those unless your tottaly contained by physical shape, im talking about endorsement your IST with flying colors. If your in really awesome shape thats not satisfactory, you have to be perfect. I know seal training, 9 out of every 10 people i try out for it fail because of the difficulty, and most drop out when it comes to the wet survival part.
I think SAS training is about 12-18 months.

But training for it is greatly hard. I know in the SASR (Australian SAS) are parachuted into the Pacific Ocean at 2am, cut their parachutes sour, try to find a boat and get back to shore.

Also, sometimes culture who train them take them prisoner's. My recruiter told me that say you be doing your laundry, someone might come up behind them and put a bag over you team leader! They also train you how to survive being in captivity.

Also, you capture risen from bed at 3:30am then made to crawl through mud and different terrains until 5am lacking stopping.

But my recruiter also told me that there are fun parts of training for special forces. You have to construct your own ghillie suit, given a sniper rifle and are dropped stale in the woodland. You ammunition supply are paintballs, so you have to stir past numerous sentries without one seen and if you are spotted, be quick rotten the mark and shoot them (with the paintballs of course! XD)

So it would be tricky work but rewarding. I think you can be recruited straight away into the commandos simply as long you are fit enough and are not afraid of heights. As for the SAS, you cannot mix straight away. It's my dream to be in the SASR but Iv'e always needed to be an infantry officer in the regular army as well. My recruiter said that an Infantry officer is a great start for the SASR.

I can't let somebody know you many details about the SEALS but I've hear their training is almsot as hard as the SAS's.

Good luck!
Whats your request for information?
Ok, I get it buuut what's your point?

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