Why did ian paisley read aloud yes to power sharing?

the truth
Power sharing came about as a result of the Good Friday agreement. Paisley's deputation disowned it.
Then an election returned Paisley's party as the largest entertainment with Sinn Fein as the second largest. Paisley refused to form an executive next to Sinn Fein. Eventually the Westminster government got bored near Stormont's childish games and said if they didn't govern they wouldn't be paid. Suddenly Paisley was competent to find enough common ground next to Sinn Fein to enable him to continue drawing his stipend.
money and power and prestege. Look at sinn fein and snp they are hard core multicultralists that were once hardline nationalist. its amazing how people change. near paisley i think he thought he could out leverige his enemies.
Ian Paisley said no but the Man from Del Monte said yes and his credentials are impeccable surrounded by the orange community. Source(s): http://www.freshdelmonte.com/

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