Did the supporters of the IRA achieve a see out of this little child's release?


Did they see the murder of this three year old little tot as a "victory over the evil Brits"?

Or do you estimate that anyone on the Republican side might actually have be revolted by it? Do you think that maybe a few of them might not enjoy liked the idea of their lead to being splattered with a baby's blood? Do you chew over they feel any remorse for killing a three year matured child?

Had that been my three year old son I would not rest until I'd hunted his murderers down and made them settle. Mark my words. I just draw comfort from the fact that equality will be waiting for them in the next existence.

No logically they didn't they may be ruthless men, killers in reality but they are not monsters, they would get no kick out of the destruction of a little child and at a guess not even of an adult.

I'm surprised that you, somebody who usually answers question with an even and level director would ask such a question.

Like yourself if it was my kid that they have killed I would want to hunt them down and kill them probably beside my bare hands, but I would destroy them for the ruthless killers that they are and not as monsters, for that they are not.
Let sleeping dogs lie
Most of what the IRA did was disgraceful and the perpretrators still at massive, deserve the full force of the law.

Your selective memory seems to forget that one of the trunk forces behind the IRA calling a permanent peace on their violence was that mothers from both sides of the divide refuse to put up with it any more - this included catholic, nationalist mothers.

The IRA ceased to exist some years ago - the untold majority of its members have renounced antagonism and embraced peaceful resolution. This doesn't engineer right all the atrocities they committed, but until yesterday, there be never any official apology from the British Army or Government about the Bloody Sunday Massacre

FYI: Google 'Stephen McConomy' to read in the region of an 11 year old boy killed by the British Army, if tit-for-tat really get you interested.
Lady Moon, I share your anger and frustration and I am sure there are many more who agree next to your feelings.
To me the IRA were and I don`t know still are a bunch of fanatics, who had no good opinion for anyone regardless of age and killed in the nickname of what they wanted to achieve. Does that also ring a bell, near the extremists or terrorists, that kill and maim surrounded by the name of religion.
I know it is hard to forget and to forgive, but approaching you have said, the true punishment will be set aside in the subsequent life.

PS and as always I need you all the best, it won't be long now.
as are adjectives terrorist, they are evil, they ambush behind the freedom fighters banner because contained by truth, they dont have the intelligence to win in start debate, we have a peace at a stomach churning price,
as for this lad his family and the family's of adjectives those killed in Ireland since the De Valera /Collins era,
besides the grief and suffering what have been one, your freedom from being ruled by England, capably that's a very hollow victory, and short England/Britain, Ireland would just not function,

As for Bloody Sunday, if you keep prodding and throwing stones, eventually you will provoke a response, the British Army should be congratulated not berated , for their tolerance and fixed retaliation, those protesting new the risks, if you want to lay the blame, look no further than the organisers
You can go tit for tat adjectives day.

Every side/faction killed children. The IRA enjoy done what you've just pointed out. The UVF killed two unborn babies when they bombed Dublin and Monaghan "For Queen and Country". The British Army shot children as youthful as 10 in Northern Ireland.

Posting a question on uklawfaq.com doesn't regulation anything. Stop dragging your knuckles. Move on for god sake.

Edit: I know there not the same article. I wasn't comparing them. Many of my friends are serving in the Royal Navy. Point is, no side has its hand clean. Source(s): http://www.dublinmonaghanbombings.org/
And here's the link just about the 10 year old:
http://www.relativesforjustice.com/steph… The trouble appears to be that there is a tenet for Gerry Adams and the IRA and a law for others.
What about an Inquiry into the IRA's involvement and the Enniskillen memorial bombing?
Is it not almost time that Gerry Adams and Martin MacGuiness issued a statement apololgising for the atrocities committed in their name by the IRA?
So far it appears to be simply one way traffic.
After all Protestants and innocent bystanders suffer dull pain every bit as Catholic protesters.
Why doesn't someone fron the IRA apologise for the death of that young boy who be cut down before his life begin in the Manchester bombing?
Or is someone going to say it never happen?
It is a pity that some people who have greatly short 'blinkered' opinions in Northern Ireland cannot tender an honest account of the tragedy of those 'Troubled Years'!.
Now you see the nature of terrorism and the problem with mines and bombs--they don't discriminate and shoot the evil ones, they just kill. They be wronged, so they do more wrong, then people are upset at them for the wrong they did and do more wrong to them, and the circle continues. You nouns like a non-violent person, and here you are making it nouns like if it were your son, you may consider studying bombmaking yourself. That's how it goes--it other seems fair to move about after 'them' because what they did was unfair to you, until you realize that they thought it be fair because you were segment of their 'them' and that the only way to stop the bloodshed is to stop the killing--even though they deserve to be killed.

In that background, I doubt the IRA get a kick out of it and I'd bet they wished a better target have been killed, but I also doubt that they thought they did anything wrong any.
there are two sides to every story, remember that! Source(s): http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/… They probably sleep just as resourcefully at night as Tony Blair after bombing thousands of innocent women and children in Iraq. In reality Blair is doing quite well from it he is immediately THE MIDDLE EAST PEACE ENVOY. Laugh or what !
I dont value one child or person over another only just because they are from different parts of the world.
Loyalist para military groups have killed their share of children. Oh, sorry, must not mention them ?
I am against any form of cowardly slaughter but you have to widen your perspective, select one particular group does not make plausible argument.
LADYMOON: There is my case in point - you are saw it is wrong when on British soil but not quite as bad when surrounded by other countries ?? I know you dont believe it but that is the message in your comments. There is no single British perspective.
Dont forget the other smaller amount publicised "bloody sunday" in Cork
when the British Army fired a machine gun indiscriminately into the crowd attending a football game - pure luck a ten year old was not kill. I am not taking sides just applying balance.
There were atrocities committed by adjectives factions in the Northern Ireland troubles.

Do I have an idea that it is acceptable to kill a 3 year ripened - no of course I dont, nor do I think it agreeable to blow up people remembering the war comatose, nor the deaths of two solders who took the wrong turning and ended up a funeral, nor the 13 associates who died on Bloody Sunday, nor the countless thousands of people who were dragged out of the bed at night taken to a remote location and shot.

But we have to stop looking at yesteryear and start looking to the future, it must be hard for adjectives those that lost loved ones to forget the past and move but for the sake of other 3 year olds we cannot and must not return to the past.

Time to verbs.

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