How long dos it purloin for a parole papers review answer?

My boyfriend is currently in a uk prison and was wanting to find out how long it can steal for a decision to be made on a parole paper review it have been 2 weeks already can they take much longer for a answer or any information on how it works would be intensely helpful to me as i am really quit confused to it all......
Two weeks is not long for this type of procedure. In my infinite experience the reason for delays are usually simple. Such as > The probation Officer is sick or the work nouns of a particular person is impressively high or a member of the parole panel is bad or too busy etc. No decision will be made until all the papers are present. There is never a intentional intent to delay or other connived reason.
The Parole Clerk have direct link to the problem and often it is as i own said. Your boyfriend should talk to his personal officer and ask him to speak with the parole clerk.
Remember this is a terribly serious decision which involves many folks. we are actually talking almost releasing a convicted prisoner - not something to be taken lightly.
Good luck.
PS> forget to say - - If he is doing course work, sin related, then the full reports must go to the parole board bough - again you are relying on people to get the work processed and forwarded etc. Think of it as a regular event - they take time. Often the prisoner himself is at fault because he have lied or failed to attend a course interview but then expects the staff to treat that as trivial when it is very serious. Not saying your boyfriend fits this description, a moment ago being honest with you. Source(s): 34 years HMP My partner is also surrounded by a UK prison and put in his papers for HDC (earley release with tag), its be almost a month now we have be waiting for a reply, only to be told they lost the papers and he has to start the process again.

I know how frustrating it can be waiting for an answer but pass it another week and ring the prison to chase it up and get your partner to put an application in contained by the prison to find out what is happening with it.

Good luck! Source(s): my partner is surrounded by a UK prison

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