Guys i want your minister to! Where contained by England is Glasgow?

Glasgow is not in England, it is ,in certainty a huge Scottish slum !
Its surrounded by Scotland not England,

Although I suspect you already know this don't you? And you're just being a troll - because mummy and daddy own gone out and left you all alone next to the computer. Poor baby.

TIP: learn English properly beforehand you troll on an English language site, you embarass yourself otherwise.
several miles north of the border
Glasgow is not in England, it is in Scotland which is the northernmost segment of the British Isles
It is on the west coast of Scotland and a part of GREAT BRITAIN not england. It be a shipbuilding town on the Clyde river that ran into the Irish sea. Source(s): My feeble man came from there. It's contained by Scotland, not England.
Up to your old tricks again.

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Nowhere at all.
Glasgow is within Scotland.
It's at the top of England.
Glasgow is in the country formerly known as Scotland. After the signing of the Lisbon Treaty Britain be abolished and has very soon been taken over by the EU (communist) superstate. Source(s): Firstly Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland, the third most Populous contained by the United Kingdom. The city is situated on the River Clyde in the country's west central lowlands.

A party such as my-self is known as a Glaswegian which is also the name of the local dialect.

Glasgow be and still remembered throughout the world for her Ship Building where the QE 2 was built not single by Scots but, by visitors from many other cultures and lone best materials were used Solid STEEL resulting to the QE2 survive for such a long period of time.

Glasgow is rank as the 57Th most liveable city in the world and is the 4Th largest city in the world after London, Paris and Berlin.

28 March 2007 ... The Year For Culture be a magnificent success for Glasgow. It be a ground- breaking event which, further transformed the city's image.

I could go on but, will failure here-in the event you are interested to learn more use Google Search Engine and put in Glasgow
It's not. Glasgow is a city in Scotland, not England
It's not - try Scotland.
North London - up the Finchley Road and just keep hold of going.
seriously dude, this can be answered on wikipedia contained by 2 seconds.

It's not

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