Scots canon sound out ? i stipulation sustain?

Is there any lawyers or anyone that know a lot about scots ruling out there ? can you mail me on davie.1986(a)
I own a question about procurator fiscal and around how the court would proceed about certain things. Im not asking the actual quiz on this because i keep getting answers from americans who dont know anything about scots canon. any help appreciated.
cant add much over what 'will' said, other than, just because you enjoy been charged, doesn't always result contained by going to court, as the PF can throw it out before it even gets to court.

you never no, things get hold of dropped all the time on technicality's.

Best just to obverse the music, you might even find it didn't even get to court. Source(s): If you want to know anything abot Scots law merely add on details and ignore the non uk answers.
I havent get a lot of experience with criminal tenet, but i very good on most other Scots law. I doubt any real lawyer is going to return with involved in email correspondence with you dishing our quasi decriminalized advice.

I'd be happy to aid via YA [if you need to wade thru the US answers, well - it's a small price to pay] but not via personal email exchanges. Source(s): I'm a legal representative If you have moved home and you have not informed the Police after they will not be able to issue you a summons if you have not be given a court date. As the Police can not bring about a prosecution then they may apply to the Fiscal who will issue a warrant for your arrest.If you are then caught you will be arrested and taken to court at the earliest possibility. This could mean spending the weekend down the nick

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