How much can really be done within a 20 minute seminar contained by the White House except an Obama photo opertunity?

The answer is: NOTHING
Well we the tax payer paid close to 100,000 dollars to provide guarantee, snacks, and transportation. That's a positive isn't it?
Were you there?
WAIT! they can put the American flag rear legs up so BO doesn't appear unpatriotic! LOL Source(s): It actually was removed for some meeting, not joking! Why not? It only took George Bush 20 second to make an azzhole out of himself
The only article this meeting was for is so Obama can urge the BP executives in a Professorial way, as usual.
In plain English, nothing. Obama wants to humiliate the Board of Directors of BP - first he make them walk through a public area close to they are criminals.

Obama has lost the plot.

Here's one for Obama to bear within mind. It's not BRITISH PETROLEUM it's just plain old BP and it used to be call the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company once upon a time. Hope that helps.

Obama has made like mad of enemies here in UK - we want our troops home in a minute - already more than 75% of us no longer (or did not) support this illegal American war contained by Afganistan.

Time for Home.
Obviously, you have "efficiency" issues. Just because YOU can't do anything productive contained by 20 minutes doesn't mean that no one can.
A dictator can accomplish a great many things surrounded by a twenty minute meeting...
Posing for pictures so 0bama can say he met with the CEO.

He able nothing as usual.

If you haven't gotten this yet 0bama is a chatterbox not a doer.
I agree nothing. Too little too late. The man is an idiot.
The ONLY thing they talked something like is how much BP will commit to a cleanup fund.


The only think liberals can take in.
Obama was just thank them for helping his Cap and Trade agenda and telling them that they were going to setup a slush fund to "assistance those affected".
Well, considering Obama have accomplished nothing surrounded by the last 50+ days when it comes to the spill, I doubt very seriously if he have barely enough time to ask everyone their term.

That is all Obama wanted be the photo op he doesn't want any solutions.
Thats adjectives this Bozo does, is photo ops
A lot more has already been done contained by the ongoing communications between officials in the Departments of Energy, Interior, Coast Guard and the headship of BP that started when the well first blew up.

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