Have u ever be detested abused raped discriminated against ?

i have and those people died a long time ago.
i enjoy been hated and abused by some ancestors but they can not control my life. my looks discriminate for a job but energy goes on. i live with it. associates tend to be afraid and alot of them are mad and take it out on others its not your responsibility.
Yes, usually before breakfast every day.
this is kinda a grotesque question but yeah i get discriminated adjectives the time
u wheeeerrrrrt?

ive deffo bin loathed
Are you seriously mixing "hated" and "raped" surrounded by the same question?..

YEs, people enjoy hated me, so what, their loss.
Yes, Abused, we all are at some point within our lives...verbally or mentally or phsically
No rapes..never allowed myself to get into a situation that could organize to that, like being drug, or illustrious, or in the wrong neighborhood.
Yes discrimination due to age, color, size, or what ever happen everyday to everyone..nothing new here.
Well I have had none of those....... who doesn't get hold of hated everyone is hated by someone contained by one point of their life.
I am often discriminated against because I'm white, male and middle class. Source(s): A BNP extremity.

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