How to report impossible solicitors?

I have been treated abysmally by my Marylebone solicitor. He made a minor mistake initially over the court hearing- which we next won with the respondent being told "you hold no defence".He was to repay the lb15,000 plus interest as agreed in writing plus costs awarded and allowed expenses.
. The solicitor gave me no further information until I went to see him three weeks subsequently. He revealed that I would have to begin taking back proceedings. I gave him the instruction to go ahead in a jiffy..
On calling him for a progress report six weeks later he said he would deal near it when he returned from holiday!

After many months he eventually registered a charge on the man's property. I then instructed the solicitor to draw from the Court's consent to sell. I had to impart him this instruction THREE times - without result even though he asked each time for confirmation.
Without my consent he granted my debtor (I be out of the country) an interview at my expense, then said there be now no option but to get hold of an Order to Sell. I told him to go ahead without snag.
Despite repeated emails he refused to respond for over FOUR MONTHS! He had done nil!
I wrote him a very sharp letter, sending him all the same another lb3,000.
Shortly afterwards I had an email informing me he was going away the company THE FOLLOWING DAY but giving no name or address.
I telephoned the senior partner who assured me he would beckon me back after the Christmas break.
I never heard from him again.
Complain? There is nobody to complain TO beside any chance of success.
All documents be forwarded to the LEGAL COMPLAINTS SERVICE which took six months to complete its report. (This is the only channel for complaining)

Their report upheld ALL my complaints and instructed the solicitor to return half my fees paid. (An almost insulting amount considering the stress andd inconvenience he cause over four years!)
However the solicitors refuse to pay. So? The LCS claims it have no power to enforce it findings and closed the file,
Consequently one is entitled to ask what is the purpose of HAVING the LCS if it is a toothless tiger?
Before brushing me off I be told to seek the funds from the firm's insurers. Even before I wrote they claimed the solicitors be not insured in those areas. As 6 of these were those advertise on the LCS website as being legitimate grounds for complaining of unpromising service if proven, what WAS the insurance company responsible for? Nothing?
Both men are now working away earning lubricant fees elsewhere totally unaffected by their lack of service and professional integrity..
Another side to the story. Documentation shows clearly NOT.
The Law society does NOT agreement with complaints. The LCS itself has be fined thousands in the past three years or so for its own unsatisfactory work (which it affects to know zilch about.)
In effect the information on solicitors' websites and notepaper that they are regulated by the authorities is palpably untrue. Clearly they can do anything and get away next to it.

People in other professions would find themselves in thoughtful trouble if they were proven negligent.
And what solicitor would purloin on one off his own kind surrounded by litigation over negligence?
The LCS offer a crap service and those soloictors who wish to rebuff it,can.

Assuming the firm is still in existence, sue them for the return of your fees. You have the LCS findings to wager on you up.

Bear in mind the firm and the partners are individually laible, so you can sue the firm and/or the indiividiauls responsible.

Don't capture mad; get even. Source(s): I'm a attorney. Try contacting the Legal Complaints Service. Source(s):… You could try the Small Claims Court, it seems that you have adjectives the evidence to show that they failed to deliver work to the expected standard and in this respect they are no different to a builder who does not achieve. You don't actually need a legal representative in the Small Claims Court, and once you have a judgement you can arrest property to the merit if necessary. Solicitors are normally partner and not a limited liability company so are personally liable. Source(s):

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