What lifestyle differences are nearby between army infantry and royal marines?

Just wondering if anyone can shed any light on how the services differ in daylight to day life?

I know the difference between the roles of each- I've also done a PRMC next to the marines so I know a bit about what life surrounded by training/at a unit will be like but zilch of army

for instance do the army take block leave at equal time (as marines do?)

does discipline differ at all?

Cheers for any responses
The RM may do more PT than the Army but the day to time routine across the board is pretty much the same.

After work it differs slightly with the Marines standing around have a beer with no clothes on or beating respectively other with roll mats watch by other marines in Nurse's outfits.
In the Army we tended to save out clothes on and chase women


For more info forget the AFCO, visit your nearest naturist beach!
They solely differ slightly; obviously the Army's larger and are more expandable, but the Royal Marines also are a part of Fleet Protection, so it's adjectives dependent on what your role is within RM.
From a ground based aspect they hold pretty much the same pay conditions, living conditions and leave your job conditions, but for more detail you're best going to your local AFCO.
Good luck.

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