How do you infer Bush would hold handle BP's Tony Hayward?

I think they would have plentifully in common :)
For adjectives hes faults Bush would not have sunk so low as to blame the British for the disaster. Obama's tack is one of foul con.....What a disappointment that man is. He is going to end up as the most hated American commander in History. The man has nil.
It's deliberate America is looking to blame anything that is not American, what about the other American companies that operate the blown up rig
See that is where on earth you are wrong...

President Bush had foreign vessels backing out after Hurricane Katrina... And Obama has yet to do so.

The dutch, Saudis, and the Mexican rule (just 3 out the 17) to offer their skimmer ships... have be turned away.

If Obama would have repealed the Jones Act that states only American Ships can work in close proximity our land, then within wouldn't be such a big mess in the ocean immediately.. The skimmer ships offered their help, and Obama turned them away.

And BP would not have such a elevated liability... So when Britain's market collapses you can blame President Obama.

(That last snarky comment is baseless, and untrue) At least know the facts...

momman... after 58 days they are still talking to them.... they own not arrived yet... and they were offered on time 3

Obama has yet to repeal the Jones conduct yourself anyhow,,, so by law they cannot operate...

The two oil men would have joke about the whole point and stuck the taxpayers with the entire tab.
Bush would own done all he could to shield BP from blame and liability. He would have insisted that the blowout be an 'act of God'. He would have allowed BP to pay some relatively small token amount, consequently he would have declared the matter over, ancient history.

In reality you this was how his dad handled the Exxon Valdez spill. He insisted it wasn't Exxon's slate, 's*it happens', nature will clean it up, purely get over it. Exxon spent a billion dollars to clean up the mess, and that sounds close to a lot but remember this is a corporation that makes dozens of billions contained by profit every quarter. Under GW Bush, they might not even have paid that much. Certainly not 20 billion (and even to be precise going to be insufficient. MUCH more than that will be spent by taxpayers!)

It's not just a bizarre coincidence that under Bush's direction the president, vice president, secretary of state, and about 35 other top level official came out of the oil industry.
He would enjoy said " Tony, you're doing a heckuva job!"
Bush is/was a LEADER.

Obama... not so much.
Dina, this tripe about the Jones work is more smokescreen put out by those who hate Obama.

Here is the truth about it: "In a June 10 press conference, Adm. Allen noted that foreign ships are already helping near the cleanup. "But we are using them," he said. "We are dealing with folks like Norway, the Netherlands, Canada and other places. Anyplace that's get skimming capability that's available, we're willing to collaborate to them, and we actually have, surrounded by some cases, actually transferred the equipment down and will continue to do that."

While he stated that if required, the Coast Guard would compromise Jones Act waivers, Adm. Allen noted that "Nobody's come to me with a request." the order…

I don't think Bush would have handle Hayward. I think he would have given him a state dinner and afterwards Cheney would have taken him out back and figure out how to sweep it under the rug.
Well I'm sure Obama isn't man enough to see Hayward's ***; at least Bush backed up his make conversation with action.
From his ranch, a show of pandering imitation concern, followed by a speech within which he refers to him as "British Petrol's Mr. Haywood", and assures us that he has "no relation to OPEC" with a direct segue into a denunciation of worldwide terrorism and the want to keep America focused on true values and security (of course).
Hayward be probably one of the people Cheney had underground meetings with to set US sparkle policy.
He would of blew BP up and America would still BE BAD (a)SS
Bush is awesome come on
Same as the Arabs he 'handled' - long walks surrounded by the Rose garden, lots of hand-holding, maybe some kissing.

Maybe have outsourced the work 'offshore' or suspended adjectives labor laws to bail out BP with cheap foreign labor as Dina W suggested.

Murkowsky (R) & her buddies enjoy suggested it is 'just an accident' impling the bill should be shifted to the Tax payer. The GOP has suggested that the limits of financial responsibility should be not here low so the Tax Payer would have to shoulder yet another bailout every time an Oil Company required to cut corners for Greed's sake - do not for get the 11 lives lost, the 15 lives lost in Texas by BP, and our military losses and National Treasure.

Socialized risk, privatized profit, closed market, unfactoring pricing of the true costd of fossil fuels, and the free riding of the top 2% Planter Class.

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