Are any of you cretins prepared to own your indiscretions by your identity protected by the yahoo forum?

You don't seem to realise that your uniforms are merely overalls because you do dirty work.
The perception that you enjoy authority is transparent, and that you are just servants and front line despensable objects for the paymasters to whom you have given your allegence.
To be clear, I am directing this towards traffic wardens (laughably renamed "police support")
Over consignment community officers and the worst of all Recovery Officers who are really of late Bully bailiffs.
Ancient Rome have bailiffs petty officials are always next to us , like the setsi fly a fact of energy . For any government needs them as stealth export tax gatherers . There will always be people to do those job most are born to it an irritating necessity
I take it you parked illegally and own had your car impounded, oh dear.
You voted for the government to represent your views, the senate makes the rules on your behalf and would be incompetent if they did nothing to enforce the rules.

If you are not relaxed there are 2 things you can do - get the rules changed or move soemwhere where on earth the rules suit you.
Welcome to the real world, my friend.

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