With grease awash on your shores, do you meditate this may be an perform of God as reprisal for the devastation contained by Iraq.?

Having brought Iraq to its knees to steal its oil, it's ironic that God/nature has brought the consequences of your greed to your own doorstep.

And newly to really bring this to a boil, it took a British Pompany to do this.
God all mighty is Just.

Well, maybe it wants to wash up on England's shores as well. They are involved within Iraq, too. Britain uses gas as well. Get a life.
No it be the British Pompany not God.
What a stupid question!! How can it be an exploit of god? when everyone knows there is no god.

Honestly!! some those.........
This may be the silliest examine I've seen all morning.

Here's one for ya: After centuries of Imperial Power throughout India and Asia, isn't it ironic how few Englishmen speak English in England?
Perhaps because your British Soldiers were Cowards when facing our Colonial Farmers.

Does the Sun "still never set on the British Empire"?

Ho. Ho. Hee. Hee.

You are just a touch island that has been Taken Over by Muslims.
It isn't ironic, and this isn't a witty question. There is no god. I'm against the war, but the U.S. isn't stealing oil from Iraq.
Like always which god? Thor couldn't thoroughness less to be honest
As you are a Saddam lover i would suggest and have a very short memory . My recollection of Iraq up to that time we sacrificed many of our babyish men to save your worthless hides from the horror of living in Iraq , Was of a country held to ransom by a brutal maniac and family who be killing about a hundred thousand of his own ethnic group for fun and frolics . Gassing whole villages in recent times to see if his latest terror weapon worked . Now you may have a very convenient MEMORY or were one of the beneficiaries of that reign of horror . Either way i wish we have our young men back and you be still under that maniac for you are not worth one of those young lives sacfricied for a relatives who do not deserve one minute of our time .
I think it may be an work of sabotage.
That's a weighty question.
It's greed and money my friend, God probably had nil to do with it. We create our own hells.
The sick thing is...it's gonna put to death our planet. feel better?
It was not a "British Company" which did it. It was a multinational private corporation 39% of which is owned by Americans.

Although I agree it might be karma for the "delightful" President Obama and his cronies . . .

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