What have the US policy get against the Little guy?

The evil English Oil Baron, Mr Svanberg, ( A Swede), said he was going the help 'the little people' harmed by the grease spill.
Why is the US government propaganda machine against this?
Is it because the Big those in Government want to set up a centralised government body that ignore the little guy and pays themselves super compensation?

What is wrong in helping the 'little people?
Or is it tolerate them rot now we got their vote?
The entire US TAX CODE is rigged against the little guy . They surrounded by government are very anti nouns after all if we are successful as a people on our own we wouldnt involve as much government now would we .
No doubt at hand were faults something like how BP went about their business, but Obama have been chasing BPs money like a sex crazed manic surrounded by a brothel. It would be more productive if Obama went about helping the company verbs the mess up first and then talk nearly compensation and criminal cases, jeez what a moron.

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