How should I disclose a criminal transcript to an employer if obtain during the time I'm working for them?

I have just only just got a criminal record, do I own to disclose this to my employer or only if its written in my contract. If I do disclose it how should I do it and how will the employer account it?
If it's not written in your employment contract than it's none of their business.

If it is written there, than you should do so straight and let them know what it is.
First, what kind of account is it? Misdemeanour? Felony? If it is just a misdemeanour, do you HAVE To report it to your employer? Where I work we are only required to agree to them know about felonies. Is this something that will affect your work? If you do own to tell your employer, just state the facts. Do not try and cover anything up, newly be honest with them.
You do not cite the type of job you enjoy nor do you indicate which type of offense garnered you the "criminal record." If you want, e-mail me beside more details and I might be able to offer you some nouns advice, because I became a Labor Advocate after Reagan foolishly fired PATCO (air traffic controllers' union) and triggered nation-wide employer-abuses of their full-time workers.

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