What is the point of this congress committee near BP?

What is the point of the committee? To me it just looks like they are trying to divert attention away from their own failing, making speeches of amazing hypocrisy. They go on about how BP know there were problems, but did zilch. How it had an appalling safety dictation etc. yet they knew adjectives of this and also did nothing. They were pleased to listen to the oil lobby, not increase regulation and safety law when they had the chance. Hindsight is a wonderful article, but to pretend they have nothing at adjectives to do with it, acting all illustrious and mighty in their angry statements about responsibility and sanctuary smacks of hypocrisy to me.

They've evidently all made up their minds (listening to their opening speeches tell you that much), so what are they there for? What is the point of this meeting?
Keeping diverting attention from the total lack of handling by the administration - just one of the dance that comprises the blame game. Funny how very little have been done about adjectives Transocean's other fifth generation deepwater rigs. What if another one of these rigs blows up and the blowout preventer doesn't work again ? They haven't done anything about this jeopardy. Source(s): http://www.deepwater.com/_filelib/FileCa…

http://www.deepwater.com/fw/main/List-by… It is true that there is some staggering hypocrisy about this total thing. The US oil industry is nowhere fundamental as rigidly regulated as the UK industry or indeed many other nations grease business. That's not to say this incident would not have occur anywhere else; no one knows what cause it yet so you can't draw conclusions like that
To be paid lots of noise and look like they caution about America's problems. any attention they can get in the past midterm elections is good for them. Source(s): cynical realism Given that BP enjoy already made agreements with the President, I can only assume it's mortal held so Congress can shout at someone.

It is true that there is some staggering hypocrisy about this intact thing. The US oil industry is nowhere in close proximity as rigidly regulated as the UK industry or indeed many other nations grease business. That's not to say this incident would not have occur anywhere else; no one knows what cause it yet so you can't draw conclusions like that. But for the US to lay this entirely at the foot of BP is ridiculous. BP own the drilling rights in that area; they are consequently ultimately responsible. But the drilling is sub-contracted to Transocean, and it is they who should be held culpable for day to day sanctuary and environmental breaches. BP are only responsible in one and the same way that a ships captain carry the can if his ship sinks for any reason. It might not be his fault, but he's surrounded by charge.
in the main to set up lunch appointments and tee times for members of the Good 'Ole boys introduce yourself, if you have to ask. It's usually a lot of fun, only just don't take uncle dick up on his offers of hunting trips.
This is normal Yankee hypocrisy they want the oil but not the problems or the expense.
As a British person, I think its singular to divert the attention from the failures of the Obama Administration.
I do not understand why the CEO of BP have been called to attend this committee, when BP have raised its hand and said we are not going to play a blame activity, we will be here long before the media are gone, and will verbs the Gulf of Mexico, exactly to how it was prior to the leak.
It have created a fund, a huge 20 billion dollar fund, that will help pay for any compensation claims.

I do not know in the order of anyone else but to me that is a responsible company, and i can list a quantity of American companies who only care just about money, and not the local population of the areas or countries where they mine.

For me Obama has lost respect, and i ruminate our new government should really purloin this seriously.

And as you have mentioned its not like they did not know almost this.
IDK but they don't let their own CEOs facade grilling over their crimes:

The blocked the deportation of Warren Anderson, CEO of Union Carbide at the time of the Bhopal Disaster, when the Indian Government issued an Arrest warrant for him.

Theres a foul stench coming over "The Pond" and its not oil. Its hypocrisy.
I'm afraid you enjoy missed the point with this congressional hearing. The audible range was set up by the present governing administration because in that is a mid-term election coming up in November and it is within danger of its power base man annihilated. Obama himself has failed drastically surrounded by all his promises made by himself through his puppet masters mainly Pelosi.

In other words they are trying to divert the voters attention from their own failure. Hipocracy yes definitely. Congress and politicians in both party took money from the BP lobbyist for their election campaigns and adjectives agreed a relaxation of the rules on drilling. Now it has blown up in their and BP's face they need to put the blame on someone else so they appear whiter than white. Greed and fear of losing their bit contained by the power game is at the root of the whole mess.

Just my evaluation but if you look at the American government and the British government you see this sort of entry all the time. Like the old adage goes. No honour amongst thieves. Politicians and big corporations are exactly approaching that as well. For those of you who obviously don't know agree to me tell you that BP own a huge amount of Transoceans shares. Don't believe me then look at the registry. There is a great deal being hidden by the American politicians and BP so I don't really trust any one side or the other. Think you'll find most US citizens don't either.

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