How do i travel and monitor a debate surrounded by the house of commons?

I would really like to go and keep under surveillance Prime Minister's Questions at the Houses of Parliament. I have a vague conception that I have to write to my MP, but could anyone just imbue this in a little bit for me? Thank you :)
Check the link(s) below for the House of Commons Public Gallery. PMQs are held twice weekly on Mondays and Thursdays. Ensure your 'ticket' is valid for one of those days.

On Monday to Thursday, the first hour of proceedings is devoted to Question Time, near Prime Minister's Question Time on Wednesdays. The House does not sit every Friday, so you should check before making any arrangements to visit on this morning.

This link explains all almost the Public Gallery of the House of Commons - where to get tickets etc…


Nixon surrounded by the Den…
Wessex Dweller is almost right. In practise you would have to join a queue for the Strangers Gallery and go through searches and form filling. For PM's the queue would be considerable. Try some research by visit Westminster and talking to one of the door keepers.
You requirement to ask your MP to get you a ticket for the Strangers' Gallery (people who aren't MPs are "strangers", for some reason). You can queue outside St Stephen's Entrance, but if you do that you won't be let contained by unless there is room, and you'll undoubtedly be too late for PMQs as these pocket place early in the hours of daylight and even the front of the queue probably won't be let in until it have finished.

As there are 650 MPs and not a huge amount of space in the gallery, they don't catch many tickets each so ask economically in advance and be prepared to be flexible nearly which Wednesday you want to go on (PMQs are always Wednesday lunchtime). You'll also merely be able to see the action through a cup screen - that got put contained by after several protests, including the occasion 6 years ago when a group of protesters dropped a condom filled next to purple flour on to Tony Blair.

Another opportunity to see MPs being rude to people is to budge and watch a Select Committee. More about that here… - nearby is a Select Committee for each government department and they investigate what it get up to, plus there is the Public Accounts Committee which investigates when the government wilderness money. These meetings are also public, you don't need a ticket surrounded by advance, and you get to see a committee of MPs quizzing family about things they've done wrong or badly. Source(s):… I'm pretty sure you basically walk in, the gallery is undo to the public. If you want a tour, however, you write to your MP.

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