Do stereotypes enjoy any truth to them, close to myths?

Like black people liking chicken for they mostly live contained by the south and in the south, fried chicken is very popular? I chew over so and though I seriously doubt that ALL stereotypes are true, I'm sure that some have threads of truth embedded within them. Which one's might they be?
Stereotypes are broad anecdotal observations that aren't linked to any particular individual, but the group as they may deviate from a social be a sign of (average). So, any truth? Sometimes. Universal truth? No.

I always try to avoid superlatives as they are frequently wrong.
Most stereotypes have some truth to them, but others stem completely from lies propagated by the medium.
Madoff is a Democrat.

Sterio types are there for a origin certain types of people a hold sertain traits, that doesn't mean it's always true, associates immediatly jump to race when the hear sterio types but there's more to it close to blonds are dumb, true, but not in all cases again convinced people are known to display clear in your mind traits on the race side sterio types are not only bleak but there's always good ones to balence'em out, similar to orientals Are bad drivers, their also very smart if you surmise I'm sure you can find both the positive and negitive
Yes. But stereotypes are usually a generalization base on a small isolated group of people that people don't resembling and associate everything else with it.
all stereotypes are true to some extent, but they are usually exaggerated xx

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