Can someone translate this please?

If someone from Peckham says "I'm going to beat that whitey," what does this close-fisted?…
45:30 mins

Do you agree with the Peckham sister's translation, and for a bonus prize, what would be the equivalent phrase for a white man to say to a black woman?
Very well said K.

Seriously Paul how stupid are you? It's already a well know certainty BNP'ers are fruitcakes so are you attempting to confirm this statement? Remember the comments from Alby Walker? I'll remind you:

"The BNP are good at stirring emotions but hold no real answers. Even when elected they are quickly exposed".

The BNP run down communities and other look on the bad side of things for which they have no answers or solutions.

Yeah you consume my time, so FO.
It is a comment that is racist. It appears from the comment (without watching all the episode) that it is one of belligerence that is based at least possible in part on the colour of ones skin.

Comments of hate based on race, skin colour, religion etc are wrong. Most citizens from all such groups are good, but ill-fatedly, there are those who do not agree and justify such attacks.

Racism and prejudice is wrong. Source(s):…………… You know what Paul? its not simply Peckham, its everywhere in London, and I should know, take a trip to Newham sooner or later and see for your self, No, I do not agree although the common term for a white individual in Newham is 'Honkey' or 'hooter', official data say we are 40% ethnic I can tell you that's not true 60% is more similar to it. Official figures say that will soar to 60% in twenty years, That's not true either more approaching 80% in my view.

I construe beating up a whitey offencive and means what it say

And the question is - what exactly?

Some street slang can be perceived as racist? No sh1t Sherlock.
Guess what - some of it is unpleasant and rather sexist too. No, really.

As we're on the subject - would you agree describing the Holocaust as the "Holohoax" [(c) Mr. N. Griffin] is both racist and anti-Semetic?

The point I'm making (and you're avoiding) is that those of us not on the far right do not consider any racism to be acceptable.
You are trying to maintain racism against non-whites by claiming there exists racism against whites.
Maybe there is - but it does not defend or excuse the racism merely exemplified by the comments of your leader in my answer.
PS: you've not answered my give somebody the third degree at all.
it's a disgraceful and racist remark.. trust the commissars at the bBc not to notice it..
I haven't watch the piece, but I would say it's an unpleasant threat of racist violence.

Your BNP / EDL lot don't hold the monopoly on it, you know. There are racist blacks and Asians too!

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