Do you surmise that the Israeli blockade of Gaza is permissible and moral?…
While I do see the argument for it, I do not agree with punishing all within the Gaza strip for the actions of a minority.
For Israel's benefit, it is moral; against Israel's benefit, it is prohibited... Everyone else in that region of Earth has no rights...
Collective punishment is illegal in any international imperative.
you know americans believe everything they are told by their media

they believed in WMDs, they give attention to theres a guy in a cave worth ruining their cutback chasing,

they think the rest of the world is wrong and they are right about isreal Source(s): isreal removed the prohibit on school books - - how evil are they, they stopped school books getting surrounded by! how proud does that make people get the impression? I do not think the blockade is legal or morale. The Israelites do not involve us to support them when they are doing an immoral thing similar to blockading the people in Gaza because they have a free election and elected Ha mas. We always hear what the Palestinians do wrong. Have the Jews done anything wrong over the years does God really want our help to accomplish that which He says He will accomplish. We can not other turn a blind eye to wrongs when they are committed by those we consider to be our allies. In Jewish law a law is a ruling and it must not be broken. There is also a law of decency to your fellow man.
When a group fails to police itself and allow a minority to violate the rule of law, countries enjoy to do something to protect themselves.
No, I am not sure of the legality though but I mull over it is immoral. Israel and the United States stated that they would abide by the free elections in Palestine. Unfortunately, the worst of the Palestinian candidate (for us) won most of the elections. Now Israel (with American support) backs out of their promise. That in itself is perverted.

Israel has reason to be afraid of the power struggle inside Palestine but their fear is only making it much worse... and they are dragging America into the trap that they are with the sole purpose making deeper.
How can depriving other those of their basic human rights....ever be legal.....or indeed moral?.....To avoid KARMA....Israel must do unto others....what Israel wishes others to do unto her.
Yes. It is legal and moral, as well as positive the lives of countless innocent women and children on both sides.

Yes and yes.

Legality is (or should be) a state issue. Morality - if you have Hamas camped on your front courtyard launching rockets at your home, what is your moral position?
YES. It is permissible and moral. Indeed, to end it while Hamas runs Gaza would mean regional period of war or worse.

1) Legal: The blockade was established January 3, 2009 under the internationally identified "San Remo Manual on International Law Applicable to Armed Conflicts at Sea," at

International law requires that, when instituting a blockade with a belligerent beside whom you are at war (as Israel is at war beside Hamas, and, legally, with its sponsor, Syria), you must prevent ALL ships from reaching the blockaded nouns, while permitting delivery of supplies indispensable to prevent the physical destruction of the population. Israel has stopped all ships since 1-3-09, and every sunshine delivers about 3,000 TONS of supplies, apart from hundreds of thousands of gallons of fuel. It also treats dozens of Gazans day after day in Israel's superb hospitals. For deliveries for 2009, step here

2) Moral: The Hamas charter REQUIRES that Hamas eliminate Israel. Read it here
Hamas have fired over 10,000 rockets & mortars into southern Israel since Israel forced all Jews to leave Gaza within 2005 along with their IDF protectors. Hamas said, great, this is step one; step two: no Israel. Israel intercepted 500,000 TONS of weapons from IRAN on their process to Gaza in Nov. 2009. If Israel stops the blockade, Hamas will get prevailing conditions range missiles, and that will mean any a) no Israel or b) serious war, probably expanding regionally, or worse. So ending the blockade would head to the greatest possible evil - regional or world war.
-- Jared Israel, Source(s): A good summary on aid is at
A lawful experts' debate on blockade is at My contributions are under screenname Jed
The IDF stats on 2009 aid are at
Blockade law is at

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