If Children as young-looking as five are to be qualified adjectives more or less sex within School,...should?

If Children as young as five are to be taught adjectives about sex in School, should parents enjoy the right to record everything being skilled to them on video?

Children as young as five should be taught roughly sex, the Government’s controversial health watchdog said closing night. The National Institute for Clinical Excellence – whose main role is to ration NHS drugs – is to write to every primary conservatory telling it to start sex education when pupils are five. It will put in the picture teachers that children should not be taught to say aloud no to sex – but should learn about the utility of ‘mutually rewarding sexual relationships’.
I don't have an idea that they are going to actually talk something like "sex" as such, with five year olds - that would be not just indecorous but impossible for them to understand!

I beleive that they are going to start introducing concepts like "consent", which at a five year ancient level would be along the lines of "Janet CONSENTED to John playing with her doll bear" (no euphamisms!) and facts like "babies come from their mummies' tummies" (which most 5 year olds who have rather brother or sister will know anyway - my three year old is convinced that his baby sister is surrounded by my belly-button lol . . .!)

As usual the Daily Fail blows things out of proportion.
Great interrogate, My four year old is to face a "Charity" going to institution to teach him about "medicine and drugs and tobacco"

He is 4 for christ's sake and all this proves is that the charity/organisation has provided the rule with enough kick-backs to allow them access to my son. Are they wanting him to explain to them that "my dad smokes in the car/he drinks at night/shoots up heroin? WTF?

This is the most insidious and divisive attempt at currying info from children since the Hitler Youth movement and seriously compromises parental rights to determine when and what we teach OUR children.

I be 16 and I had no idea what drugs be. My mother regularly sent me to the shop for cigarettes at age 6+ (It was legally and morally right then). I own never taken a class A narcotic but I am a smoker.

Let children be children.... Or let's explain democracy and civil liberty to them and also tell them that they are below the age of criminal consent and taking the "free" sweets on the low shelves at the tills within Tesco carries no penalty officially.

It is all bullshit and I will make sure that my son feel unwell on that particular day of conservatory.
This is even so another example of how the state actively seeks to destroy and corrupt our youth,..they do,..this is not paranoia.

Spartan have this one on the money.

I have said for years the very same point.

Teach children about sex,....they will have sex.
Teach children just about drugs,..they will experiment with drugs.

This is what the state wants.
You are grossly exaggerating. The education would be age specific. A 5 year antiquated might be taught about how their bodies are private or a especially simple explanation of where babies come from.

I was six when my parents told me in the order of the birds and the bees basics.

Given the number of predators out there, and the dignified rate of teen pregnancy among kids as young as 12-13, parents are clearly dropping the ball somewhere.
its better to know then to of known but the best age is roughly speaking 10 min age because when i was starting to learn nearly sex i knew what the urges ment so i wanted to do it to find out what it be like
Sounds to me as if someone who has a few paedo tendencies come up with this one. Why would anyone want to destroy the innocence of a child? I don't enjoy young children anymore but will advise my kids to hang on to my grandchildren out of school on those days. I already advise them not to trust the political affairs or politicians and its advice they take especially as adjectives the thieving, lying and incompetence is in the public domain now and they can see it for themselves as powerfully.

Trust them to teach children sex education? You can't trust any of this lot contained by our government system not to mug an old woman on the street. At least not with the track diary any of our politicians have shown over the last few decades. It might even be that some of them inevitability a bit of sex education first. They seem to be some of the most promiscuous and perverted nation on the face of the earth.
Yes, that is to say just life surrounded by these socialized, perverted, village raised, incorporated states!
I am Home schooling.
I don't care if it is eventually outlawed. We'll Move out in the swamp. My babies are the responsibility of me and my husband to bump up to fear God, and have a childhood. Talk almost stripping the innocence from them!
Children aged 5 are not going to be taught about sex. NICE recommended that children aged 5 are skilled about friendship and family relationships. Children will still not be qualified about sex until they are 10/11, which is what happens at the moment.
US government statistics show that every major increase within sex education was followed by i) more young pregnancies ii) increases in sexual transmitted diseases iii) more abortions.
Go figure.

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