Was Rudolf Hess a British classified agent?


No evidence for that..... he was of late one of a number of prominent Germans who thought that Britain and Germany had some adjectives ground, and that they should not be at war with us

to answer 'Crows' point, below
Churchill become Prime Minister on 10 May 1940..... well after Germany had already started target civilian population centres in Poland next to bomb raids.
On 14 may 1940, The Luftwaffe bombed the civilian centre of Rotterdam as a passageway to 'soften up' the Dutch people for their surrender.
the Luftwaffe needed no encouragement to start the blitz on civilian targets.. they already have an established history of it

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rudolf_Hess Source(s): dukebawkes No, he was only slightly off his rocker with vision of grandeur.
no - he was a Nazi
NO, I think he actually offered a path out of the war with Germany, a time of war that many believe that Hitler did not want.....But Churchill did. Hess was silenced by agreement next to Europe and America, who's vile warmongering interests would have been exposed if he have been allowed to tell the truth. I suppose it will be fairly a few more generations before the truth of that time of war is exposed. For instance we now know that Churchill was silently bombing civilian targets in Germany six months previously Hitler bombed London. Churchill was doing it to goad Hitler into action because churchill, the sic b(a)stard saw himself as the savior of Britain, a man who suffered from acute depression and be a chronic alcoholic was given complete charge of the fate of every man woman and child contained by Europe. He drank a bottle of spirits A DAY for god sake........I'm sure that one day the truth will out.
Modern day thinking believes that Rudolf Hess was duped by the British Secret Service into believing that an underhand business deal could be achieved.
It was said that the after Duke of Kent who was to be later kill in a wartime aeroplane crash be involved in the plot.
He flew to Scotland still protesting his loyalty to Adolf Hitler after his capture.
No!He be not a spy but a German who was 'taken in' by the British Secret Services.
(a)Tony - Hess didn't fly to England. He flew to Scotland. Source(s): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rudolf_hess…

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