Why so heaps international mail packet are lost? So frequent....?

Does someone know if some are stealed...everyone complains about it
Where's your source? Always remember that nobody talks almost the mail they got, only just the few that they didn't.

I don't suspect loss, so much as theft and bad packing. Mail that isn't tracked is unquestionably more prone to theft, although in premise it is less valuable. But have seen how poorly mail is presented by domestic (and sometimes, business) users, I believe that poor wrapping/protection of packet or inappropriate inclusions in envelopes accounts for reasonably a lot of loss - and without a return address, any poorly address items just get destroyed (after a lurk for a claimant). Source(s): Three years with Royal Mail and management training. I haven't get a clue. I have sent many things to England, just a handful of them arrived. However, things sent from England to the US usually get here with no problems. (except on envelope beside important documents that DHL lost, then get held up in customs)

I go on Ebay abundantly and have bought many things from America and Australia, and everything I own ever ordered has always get to my address in Britain, unopened and in great shape. There's other a 1st time for me and no doubt I will have some parcel jump missing one day, but the figures that you quote simply do not put in up in my case.

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