Does this attain classed as stealing?

I was ina relationship with my ex partner for 4 years and the ending 6 months i lived with him and we got a brand strange TV lb600 in december. he paid lb120 towards it, i rewarded lb160 and my mum and dad paid the rest. now we own broken up because he finished with me and expected me to start crying and begging for him spinal column but i never because it happens everytime and i couldn't handle it anymore. I want my TV hindmost now and he won't give me it. If i phoned the police would they be capable of get it for me as it is mostly my mum and dads an obviously i would bestow him his lb120 back. I could also showe the police the death threats and how he have a list of who he is going to get first out of my friends and i. Help anyone? x
the TV is the most minuscule of your concerns, but i doubt the TV is a police matter, hmm well it's really your parents outcome because i guess they payed the most (that is if you payed him his 120)
I think reporting the death threats is a righteous idea, you can mention the TV also, but doubt they would be too interested in the TV when here are more important things like destruction threats to pay attention to. You should really get comfort, just incase he does try and do anything really nasty to YOU.
I infer that you've already worked out that it's a civil matter and not a criminal matter, so the word stealing doesn't come into it. It is a event for you to thrash out between you in the small claims court. Clearly there is a moral claim on your cut, as your mum and dad made you a present in the expectation that you and this man would stay together and you contributed slightly more to the purchase of the TV in the first place. Whose entitle, incidentally, is on the TV licence?

There is the separate issue which you seem to be raising of annihilation threats. If these are threats which are to be taken seriously in the sense that you are apprehensive of your ex attacking you and/or your friends, then you must cart that evidence to the police. Making threats to kill is a criminal offence.ā€¦
If he has made legitimate threats, you can run that to the police. It may be enough for criminal charges, but at least they can speak to him and permit him know they are aware.

As for the TV, that is not a criminal act, nor does the threat hold any bearing on that. You will have to sue him for the efficacy of the TV (less his contribution). If you can't prove the amount each of you paid directly, he'll be capable of claim half the value, contained by all likelihood.
They will not assistance you with the TV because that is not their livelihood - they do not decide nor arbitrate. You would have to filch him to small claims court or something similar where they make judgements.

However, the disappearance threats and lists should be shown to them just within case something actually happen.

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