Is North Korea really a 'Pariah' state/nation and a threat to intercontinental protection ?

in no more than a paragraph tell me why you reflect on they are a threat to global security , or why you estimate thats a load of b/s.
They are a pariah nation ... but not because they are a threat to worldwide security ... but because of what they are doing to their own citizens.
If their government continues stepping too far out of row they will be bonged on the head by China ... we won't have to pull a finger ... !
Global? No.


Their missiles are capable of reaching South Korea & Japan (and even northern eastern China & southeastern Russia) but not beyond that.
"Choe Eun-hui, an actress very soon in her late 60s, be the first to arrive after being kidnapped contained by Hong Kong by Kim Jong-il's secret agents in 1978."

North Korea is similar to a "Dr No" state.
They only make threats and do their missile test to make the rest of the world give them foreign aid. They aren't a peril to anyone really, because they know that if they did launch a missle, the whole world would obliterate them.
Its just a threat to itself,Ive studied North Korea and basically they're government are afraid to move to modern height because they will lose there power.
There is alot about threat but i dont see anything soon,And the leaders son who is ment to give somebody a lift over is ment to be cool and loves basketball etc. so it could all change when he take over.
Check out they have a great video on going to north korea just force out it.
are they a threat? Well, yeah sure..........they have the goods, and lord know they are crazy enough to use it.

But are they a SERIOUS threat?? NO, because the fact of the thing is......they only get to see as much sand in our faces as CHINA allows.

The second North Korea steps over the file, CHINA reels them in similar to the annoying retarded little brother they are. Because fact of the matter is.........N. Korea is China's locked way of thumbing it's nose at the United States. It let N.Korea act up, and flip Obama the bird........but it's not about to sit nearby, and let the USA do anything to it's retarded little brother.

To mess with N.Korea, seriously, you'd enjoy to mess with CHINA, and we all know, it's not gonna come to THAT.

So N.Korea is the "Iraq" of that region..........he can pretend to be adjectives tough, and wave his missles about..........but, there's no path China will actually let him launch any, because after it WOULD have to be on, and China will not be able to stop any retaliation if North Korea truly does something Mega stupid, close to invade the south.

so it's mostly just alot of piss and vinegar that won't ever amount to a damn thing.
No. It's BS.

North Korea is a burr under the saddle for the owners of my country, the U.S., because they fought my bosses to a standstill support in the 1950s and forced them to sign an armistice, when what Wall Street wanted be a victory and an expanded colony in Korea.

Anyone who beat the U.S. on the battlefield is going to be a constant target of "international concern."

Abuses by North Korea of its people (and there are many) are irrelevant to this. The U.S. empire have supported many a government that be far worse than North Korea's. But THOSE governments weren't independent of U.S. domination, and they weren't pretending to be communist

And they weren't able to fend stale U.S. threats of invasion with their own nukes.
. Source(s): an American Marxian socialist The leaders are so uncaring that at hand is a famine in the country and they won't even admit at hand is a problem. They sunk a navy ship because they hated the country.

They blew up an airline because they unloved the country.

If they got their hands on to a nuclear bomb after god help us. Source(s):… I think it is American propaganda hype, it wouldnt be my choice for a holiday but i dont reflect it is as bad as they say. Britain lower than Labour was far much worse.
Anytime you have a radical regime next to an insane dictator, then you have a intercontinental threat. Their missiles can wreak havoc on Japan and S. Korea, who just happen to be two exceptionally close allies to the US. So, any friction in that part of the world could spark a tremendous amount of unrest. I don't dream up they could annihilate anyone, but they could certainly spark a nasty period of war. They do have nukes, so that is never dutiful.

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