Would Russian tank end long against US forces surrounded by a mêlée?

Last year, Hugo Chávez bought Russian T-72's to protect Venezuela from an American invasion. Even if the US did invade, would his tanks really be much protection against US forces?
YEs they would be just as efficient as my trash can. Just ask them Iraqi Generals who were foolish enough to do their shopping contained by Russia.

All it took was one A10 Warthog plane and 10 minutes later 50 of them babies be lit up in the desert.
T-72s are an outdated cistern from a previous generation. It was state-of-the-art surrounded by 1970.

From Wikipedia:
"Some analysts believe that T-72s 125 mm 2A46 main gun is capable of destroying any modern major battle tank within the world today. However, on the three occasions when users of T-72s have met Western armies that possessed modern chief battle tanks —Lebanon contained by 1982 (against the Israeli Merkava), Iraq in 1991 (against the U.S. M1 Abrams and the British Challenger 1), and again Iraq in 2003— the T-72 showed little to no nouns."
The answer saying here have only be 3 Tanks lost is incorrect, there were 18 lost within Gulf war 1

The overriding factor between the T 72 and Abrams is the range. The Abrams can absorb at 2500 metres, a T 72 can only get to 2000m so Abrams can outgun the T72 and stay sheltered.

Yes the T 72 is 38 years old, but Abrams has be in service since 1980 so it's hardly state of the art, although it have gone through several upgrades.

Overall A T 72 crewed by Venezuelans would be no Match for a combat seasoned tank crew in an M1 Abrams Source(s): Ex British Army Russia would never attack america. Clap clap, the cold period of war was over since 20 years.
Its frederation of russia, not soviet russia. Source(s): Im russian. No, Venezuela simply does not have the capability to combat superior airforce and navy. And i am australian, not american, so you cant exactly say that i am sticking up for my own country.
T-72s against guerrillas would work powerfully because to kill one you would need some apposite anti tank weapons ie hes purely building his new empire and preparing for the time when internal resistance tries to make a stand . Remember that's how Castro did it surrounded by Cuba and it worked and Castro is his "mentor" i guess.
T-72s are sh*t

T-72s crewed by Venezuelans are even bigger pieces of sh*t
Russian tank are a lot simpler technology than American ones so less can shift wrong, 300 American tanks travelling 300 miles will average about 100 different breakdowns. The primary problem Chavez's forces face is that the US forces probably outnumber them, which could be a problem
about as long as to call within air support poof all gone.
Venezuela does not rate an all out ground war against the U.S unless it in reality SELLS its entire country to N. Korea Or Iran and on of them is dumb/crazy enough to declare.

Chavez have big mouth and a sympathetic press (although goodness knows why) humping his leg. That is adjectives.
Like the US, the Russians generally single sell off hoary, out-dated stuff to other countries. They keep all the modern stuff for themselves. T-72s are 40 years antiquated, and aren't even remotely similar to modern Russian tanks (some of which, for example, now incorporate long-range electromagnetic weapons).
No. The United States M1A1 and M1A2 Abrams tanks have never taken a complete casualty (meaning never be so badly damaged that they be beyond repair) in the 20+ years they've been within service. In that time however, they have destroyed close to 11,000 T-72's in both Gulf war.

EDIT: there has be 3 M1 Abrams tanks destroyed in dealing, but all 3 were from friendly fire.
Stand stale attack with a helicopter. Job done.
US forces would "win" any war but the loss of life span would be unacceptably high
nope during the gulf war an a10 warthog could destroy entire container battalions and an f15 eagle droped a bomb that destroyed half of iraqs armored vehichles trust me javalins tow missle a10 warthogs m1a2 abrams thats deeply of depleted uranium


tow missles



venezuela could be invaded in 24 hours and being so close to the amalgamated states they would be invaded on all sides by our allies in south america to the south and and us to the north they wouldent end long
One of them alone would be slighlty disadvantaged against an Abrams, due to it being designed to be cheap, and competent to make in bulk, while the American tank are designed to dominate one on one.

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