Am i officially allowed to quit home?

Hi I'm a 14 year old boy living in the UK
This is the situation:my mum is decide to leave the area to move to a different nouns 30 minutes away and I do not want to leave as all my friends live here .My hypothesis is to move in to my grandmas house or fathers until I am 16 ?? consequently when i am 16 get my own flat
am i allowed to do this??

thank you very much
Right in a minute, it seems like such a horrible entity to have to move away from all your great friends, but it's really not that bleak. When I was 13, my mom wanted to move 4 HOURS away and I lately cried and begged because I didn't want to leave my best friends. Everywhere you jump, you'll meet new friends. You can hang on to in touch with your behind the times friends if it's only 30 minutes away. That's not bad at adjectives. If your mom has a good judgment for moving, then just progress with her. You'll 100% garuntee make unsullied friends wherever you go. It's not the wrapping up of the world. Think about it. When you get elder, you'll look back and say "Why did I craft such a big deal about that?" Moving out when your 16 is a big edict too. Make sure you give lots of thought into it before you resolve. Good Luck! =)
You have to be 16 by imperative to leave but if your mum gives consent to live near family i think it's ok
yes, stay with your father and grandmum ONLY if it's ok with them... but do grasp that she is your mum and if she has complete custody over you, and if you leave in need her permission it is considered running away.
Nice idea to get your own flat, do you enjoy any idea of the costs concerned?

I would seriously suggest you have a chitchat with your mum & grandparents and all discuss your concerns.

Your mother is rightfully responsible for you.
"boo hoo... poor me.... I hold to move away from my friends and I'll never have any friends ever again... I want live with my grammy so I won't be down in the dumps anymore!"

Quit your whining, put on your big boy pants and act close to an adult. Sometimes people move away... sometimes you own to find new friends. Grow up.

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