Should we open to look at Germany's rubbish disposal technology?

In Germany Rubbish is collected into the waste collection vehicles, and taken straight to a spend foolishly sorting assembly depots where it is separated on a conveyor belt. Magnets remove metal, other Rubbish is sorted and separated into plastic, paper (whatever) at source. Metal is melt down into sheets and other materials like wood are recycled into saleable quantities and length plastic is broken down, all at the same lavish disposal depot. Manufactures can buy the recycled materials directly from the depots and the rubbish disposal depot almost pays for itself, why are we still insisting on landfill sites.
In Germany the parliament is concerned with what is good for the country. In Britain the governing body are concerned with asserting their authority like little Nazis poking around within your bins and forcing you to obey, or pay fines.......Chalk and cheese Government learned. We are stuck with little strutting local"authorities" who, thanks to the foul up to date labour disease, have be given more power than their pathetic little willies warrant. Mind you, the British are so bloody spineless that our little swastika wielding, jackboot wearing local councilers can draw from away with it I suppose.
that type of industry would never work contained by the U.S. although i know you're in the U.K.

In the U.S., that kind of work would right now become a playground of corrupt politicians, favoratism, organized crime, black thug groups, and greedy unions.
The costs would rise so fast, it would be cheaper to buy solid gold ingots than recycled tin.
Yes of course but for Britain to take motion or even to acknowledge such a good idea.

We are so slow on the pick up that we are going backwards!!
Good question, and as you know our landfill sites are hurriedly running out. This country has to make collection of rubbish a complicated scenario. And it is next to umpteen different colours for all sorts of materials.

And the ordinary householder doesn't know whose coming for what colour bin. I am bewildered by the different collection days, and if you own to go to work, who has the time to sort out what go out when.

Why doesn't our government do like the Germans its much simpler for the householder, and much quicker and not a hint where near as complicated as our system. I'll bet the German system is much cheaper and cleaner and more cost influential when you look at it in depth.

There are days when the bins are not emptied, and are gone for days not emptied.

They are very clever these Bosch! Perhaps we can send a few more councillors on certainty finding missions to Berlin. LOL.

Yes though, I think we should adopt similar techniques, but setting these things up costs a great deal of money. Now that we have 'Chopper' Cameron in power, it's unlikely that councils will know how to set up such recycling centres. However, private business money could be used for such enterprise if it were available.
I'm always in benefit of adopting good design where practicable and this sound super updated. However, as someone has mentioned, it all sounds approaching a good excuse for a few people to spend public money on investigating the process surrounded by Germany (perhaps to coincide with a Bierfest or two). It wouldn't suprise me if with the clout Germany in a minute has we found our leaders meekly acquiesce to legislation which would compel us to follow suit and at the same time signing agreements with German manufacturer of the machinery concerned and a few contracts with German consultants to show us how to go going on for it.

On our local news last hours of darkness the hospital director admitted that for some years, because there be no incinerator available, the hospital had been dumping clinical gamble away in the landfill. What would the German system have made of that?
Don't know where you live afterwards!
I live in Wales, and this is what happens very soon!!

I have just spent two years living & working surrounded by Germany (Sud Bayern),
they do not collect recycleables!

They collect food waste and general refuse!
Recycleable waste, you have to steal this to the local amenity area, where you deposit it,
as you mention, into diffferent catagories.

The one big difference for common waste!
Here in the UK we carry a 205 litre rubbish wheelie bin, that emptied every week!
Where I was surrounded by Germany, you get a 15 litre bin that is empty every fortnight!

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