"Unite Against Fascism" are a jeopardy to society (UK)?

Hi all,

Does anyone else feel this political crusader group is a real threat to Society? We are all against fascism, but that's not what this group is certainly against - It's a loaded word - it's all soundbite. In real language, they are fascists and they're against freedom of speech, expression and liberty.

Even with adjectives that stuff with the BNP, we're all against the BNP - but they made it a charade. I suppose it was a good perception to have Nick Griffin on Question Time, because he made a fool of himself and exposed himself as an idiot. Further, as much as I dislike the BNP, I believe in freedom of speech and expression.

What these family (UAF) are actually against, is anything that isn't "politically correct" which seeks to render a potentially deadly double-standard protecting many faucets of society from any form of criticism by silencing other people and grand a status quo.

They're sensationalists, reactionary and naive - and of late as much extremists as any other of their political peers.

Any oppinions?
Just the looney disappeared who have no chance of getting anywhere really.
In a way, I'm beside you. I hate the BNP and all the idiots who agree beside them, but if we only let the relations we like have freedom of speech and expression, after that's kind of fascist too. Besides, the more they feel they are one silenced, the louder they'll spew they're rubbish.

And I quite enjoyed watching D'ick Griffin on sound out time. He made such an idiot of himself it was amusing :)
The immediately UK took 1000s of years to build by small numbers of Europeans only, never Africans or Asians except in minuscule numbers. Now Africans and Asians arrive fairly literally in millions perhaps to turn the UK similar to the countries they escaped from.

UAF are helping to verbs our British community which took Europeans 1000s of years to build.They do this by smearing patriotic parties approaching the BNP . I would not ban the UAF, I see them as a manifestation of our old white European community degenerate and destroying itself, banning the UAF will achieve zilch.

Bring on African/Islamic Britain, if we allow it we deserve it
Young women throwing eggs are a danger to fleshy cowardly fascists everywhere. Source(s): http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2009/06/0…

http://www.timesonline.co.uk/multimedia/… Yes.the UAF are a dangerous group of people. It is totally against our true British not easy fought for culture to prevent freedom of speech, thought and political association.
Note - None of these facets are held by the BNP.
Those of you who are calling Nick Griffiths names, Should look at 'Question Time' again and you will see that the chairman allowed vanished wing speakers their full time to answer but refused Nick the same privilege. He be NOT made to look a fool. He was bullied by the BBC. He knew what to expect but be brave enough to stand alone on the program. A true British man. Source(s): A BNP member. I agree, I chew over a lot of the UAF people are simply socialist, and are using the racist element of BNP to further their cause. BNP are not technically fascist as far as I am concerned, principally if we base it on Mussolini's view of it. But UAF are acting within a somewhat fascist way by silencing others, if they were call 'Unite Against Racism' they may have some use in society.
I totally agree. The amusing entity about UAF is that they're fascist themselves. Fascism means authoritarianism and squashing "anyone who doesn't agree near me" - and that's exactly what they are. I thought it was absolutely ridiculous when they organised a protest pageant in London against Richard Barnbrook, a BNP member, one elected to the London Assembly. Londoners elected him legitimately in accordance with the electoral system as laid down by tenet. Whether you like the BNP or not, in a free democratic society they hold as much right to be heard and elected as anyone else and like adjectives other parties they will stand or fall on what race want to vote for and what people think of them.

When it comes to the BNP, though, the main parties are just as desperate. Nick Griffin's appearance on Question Time struck me not so much for him making a fool of himself, but for the way he was viscerally attacked by the other politicians present who didn't even hold the decency to engage within rational debate on the issues that the BNP raises.

Political correctness is a poison and I abhor it. And I say this as a member of a minority as I'm homosexual (so that's another idea I don't like the homophobic BNP). One result of political correctness is favouring minorities for mission recruitment just to label the balance reflect the percentage of minorities within society. I find that incredibly patronising. I want to be recruited for something on my merits, not of late because I fit some quota. I had a quite incredible conversation next to one of my staff at work a little while ago in which we agreed that the BNP hold a point - and she's Indian!

And then there's another of my colleagues in like grade who is black - and when he was framed and sack from his previous job because he exposed a fraud that some of the bosses were involved surrounded by, was advised to "play the see card" at the industrial tribunal. He refused point-blank to do that. In some ways I'm envious as he can get away beside political incorrectness (and he IS one of the most politically incorrect guys I know and I like that about him!) because he's black. Being white, I can't so much. Ridiculous isn't it?
Just a danger to democracy with links to the brutal sect the swp.

Edit I would like to point out this answer I give was exactly What my mate an X - swp member contained by the 90's said - he called when I was newly about to answer.
I don't think they are a threat to society. If anything, they are an amusing group who converse about preventing fascism using methods like outlawing political parties and stopping free speech - things which are rather fascist! They are hypocritical extremists, and I settle up no more attention to them than I do to the Monster Raving Loony Party. Dangerous? No. Most people are sensible enough to see right through them.
This group along beside others (e.g the SWP) are simply Communists.

They give themselves all sorts of camouflage name in an attempt to hide their tangible allegiance.

They do this because even they know the Communist idea has former disastrously, and yet they still cling hopelessly to the inane and naive perception that, "this time it will all be different".

In Russia and other places these policies resulted in the torture and passing of countless millions. So yes, they are potentially dangerous. Fortunately, they are also pretty dumb, so that means they are mostly non-hazardous - at the moment.

The Communist party always believed contained by the complete suppression of free speech and the violent elimination of anyone who did not agree near them.

So despite all the silly names - they are deeply easy to spot.
Although I'm not a supporter of the BNP in any way I surface that UAF are really no better than they are.

They are being fascists about individuals being fascist.

This is a free country and we have freedom of political beleif. If someone desires to support a party which is racist them thats up to them, its not a crime, so long as they don't use these beleifs to break the law surrounded by any way. I may not agree with them but I support their right to beleive what they beleive, since it is also MY right to beleive what I beleive.

UAF merely seem to want to silence people who disagree near them, by flinging words like "fascist" around as insults and trying to curtail free speech and freedom of political beleif. Its all immensely University Undergrads arguing in the Student Union bar don't you imagine? A bit ill-thought out.

If these people really care roughly racial equality then they could work towards it within other ways, perhaps encouraging members of different communities to join and mix, or helping break down barriers between different racial/religious communities with positive works. Screeching assault at people who hold a different viewpoint to them does zilch. Other than make THEM look like intolerant a-holes themselves.
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