Electoral Reform- whats be the doss since the see?

Before the election, Labour promised a referendum on the AV voting system, and the Lib Dems wanted to invade STV if they were elected- I think?

What's happen since? I'm asking because I haven't been following too closely since the election, I'm interested, but I'm also surrounded by the position where I have to write something roughly it for a school journal!!
Give them a haphazard, they've only been contained by power 5 weeks and although it was a coalition pledge and Nick Clegg is handling it, it is not of the first priority. I'm sure that some background info is human being compiled as we speak.
forget these politicians you see on TV and read about in the word. They are just puppets to back room deal called by true power blood lines. Why would they show us who's really stripping us of more freedoms than ever? as for improving your aspect of life there's only so much you can do surrounded by today's world take it or leave it.

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