Can you merge amy or armada beside partly sleeve tatoo?

i have a japanese half sleve on my arm do you ponder i wont be able to join, what are at hand policys on tatoos as too much money to get it removed.
in the army it wouldnt be a problem, ive in recent times join a year ago and my tattoos did not even require a waiver as they say it would, also the guidelines they enjoy, they dont even follow em. i got one below my wrist, a dragon on my back paw and a barcode on the back of my neck. i even go o basic with a guy near a full tattooed neck, as long as its not racial or gang relatein seventh heavenl be good. i know navy and the airforce are strict on go for the marines
You can join if adjectives other requirements are met with.
The drive they're picky over where tattoos is because they don't want them to show on ceremonial events, or whilst you're wearing a no.1 uniform, so as long as it isn't above the collar or below the wrist cough it should be okay as long as it isn't racist, sexist or anything else that may offend.
Nick 391 is moderately correct as I met the Army Recruitment Officers and asked them the same question. Go and agree to the Forces Recruitment Officers in your own town and they'll disabuse you of any myths.

Good Luck
The army and navy arent picky roughly speaking men who want to fight for their country. it shouldnt be a problem at all.

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