"Pedophiles should replace (where possible) animals within 'in vivo' animal testing". Do you agree?

International laws and human rights bills aside. Pretend we have a choice to variety it happen.

Also to note: This applies to those who be undeniably guilty of their crimes (pleaded guilty, indisputable evidence...) and crimes of particular horror and swearing? Would it be an incentive to stop would-be offenders, or would it set us, as a civilization, back to the threatening ages? What do you think?
Why stop there? What roughly speaking murderers? What about those guilty of aggravated assault? Armed robbery? Drug trafficking? Drug using? Traffic violations? Jaywalking?

i adgree but does that parsimonious muhummad who banged his 9 yearold wife would get tested on
(that might upset muslims)

i benign of adgree but
what about muslims who belive quran word for word if they do then they cant detest pedophiles becuse of this verse

that says going on for waiting time to bang wife it mentions those that have not but had period
so you are descriminateing against muslims here buddy Source(s): quran Yeah, we can start near Rush Limbaugh. Source(s): http://www.tothepeople.com/2006/06/why-w… This might sound rediculous, but it is totally inhumane. Yes, what they did was lately that, but we should teach them right and wrong before we establish to treat them like dirt. They are still people, although they can really stroke like monsters.
No. You wouldn't get a pure result using kid touchers.
1) Just because the gubbermint say someone is a pedophile doesn't mean they are

2) Real pedophiles would not be normal assessment subjects anyway

3) It would be objected as being anti-Catholic
I mull over it sounds fair.
Are you not appalled by vivisection ? Instead you want to see pieces of human wired to machines ? Getting free fags , spawn up lol .
Start with the POPE
I agree that Conservatives should replace (where possible) animals in 'in vivo' animal testing".
yess proper funn!
do it on criminals should be good :)

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