"Hitler" get impossible press for losing WW11, have anyone explained why he blamed the Jews?

To have mobilised the entire military to undertake the unlawful bloodshed of a certain sector of society must have be created by a strongly believed account they had not supported Germany surrounded by the past.

The venom that ensue, meant they were regard as vermin by the state and why did this manifest itself this way?

Hitler didn't do it adjectives by hiumself he had the army............and isn't that the same today>?
Hitler was nuts. Why would you want to twig a nut? Why not try to understand Gandhi or Churchill or--if you want an interesting nut--Richard Nixon. Hitler was plain nuts.

Because it be easy for the Nazis to blame all the troubles of Pre war Germany on a single race of relations who were generally disliked surrounded by Europe anyway.

Its a bit like Islam now. In the West plentiful people dont like the Muslims especially after 9-11. Suppose if a goverment come into power and convinced the majority of the people that these Muslims are bad.

Then slowly they started to ship them away into mysterious camp... Do you think anyone would do anything? i dont think so....

So this is how it starts.... blaming one associates for all your problems

blaming the jews did two things
1. it gave the country a rally point, a group to blame for everything..
republicans nowadays use "liberals" in duplicate way..to fire up the base and fuse the party
2. it enabled him to confiscate their wealth, which be needed for the war
Hitler claimed that Jews were enemy of the Aryan race. He held them responsible for Austria's crisis. He also identified certain forms of socialism and Bolshevism, which have many Jewish leaders, as Jewish movements, merging his antisemitism with anti-Marxism. Later, blaming Germany's military slaughter in World War I on the 1918 revolutions, he considered Jews the culprits of Imperial Germany's downfall and subsequent economic problems as in good health

He did have an army in which several member tried to assassinate him in '44 several times, this is not the same belief of the German army today so no, it is not impossible to tell apart army
The Jews be the object of scorn and ridicule for years. Way final in history, it was beneath citizens to handle money. The Jews became the money handler and handled many of the business transactions. They be more educated and they stuck together because of their religious beliefs and ceremonies. After WWI, Germany be an economic disaster. People were adjectives. But the Jews that were in positions of money, business, and childhood were doing okay. Hitler needed an enemy. The Jews be the obvious enemy. Hitler capitalized on the prejudice towards the Jews and made them out to be the Monster and sense the German people were adjectives.
Hitler certainly was not the first to persecute the Jews. He be however the most aggressive in modern history.
This question couldn't possibly be answered on YA. If you are honestly interested, then you need to move about to the library and get out some books on the fall of Germany after WW1 right through to its rise beneath the leadership of Hitler. It was FAR from a simple baggage of hating Jews, and you have to remember that Hitler be not a dictator. He was voted into power, and actually achieve about the same stratum of support as Tony Blaire's new labour jamboree way back contained by the late 1990's. And far from being insane, he certainly dragged Germany from the gutter to the world stage in less time than it took current labour to drag Britain from the world stage into the gutter.
you have to understand the times they where on earth in
the country was at rock bottom when Hitler come to power they where on their knees then along comes Hitler and tell them well its not your fault we are surrounded by this mess, its them bloody jews
see how they get rich as us Germans sink into poverty
a lot of jews where on earth money lenders so a lot of people agreed next to Hitler coz they thought it was a good drive not to pay what they owed the jews.
they shipped the jews out to ghetto's or camps and afterwards they started to murder them
the German people where drunk on the nouns they where dazzled by the Nazis and carried along near the hype
most knew what was mortal done to the jews, soldiers posted in Poland sent letters home unfolding of the mass shootings of women and children.
so most Germans knew what was going on, they merely chose to look the other way Source(s): my head It is a adjectives trick for a leader to blame someone for all their troubles.

Napoleon would turn an blame other nations for the internal problems of France. So he would go start a period of war and everyone would rally around the flag and forget the internal problems.

Hitler had indistinguishable idea but a slightly different problem. He could not go blame France or England or Russia as they would procure very upset about it. So he blamed adjectives the problems on the Jews as they had no nation to defend them and not a soul really cared about them. So it be the Jews that caused Germany to lose WW One, not the fact Germany took on too lots enemies at the same time.

And once he have a mechanism in place to murder Jews, he used it to kill anyone he did not like. Gypsies, Gays, Communists, Trade Unionists, did not concern, they got thrown into the mix.
we have not gotten to world time of war eleven yet
Hitler exploited anti-Semitic feelings that have existed in Europe for centuries. This goes adjectives the way back to the impulsive Middle Ages. Jews were not under the authority of the Church, spoke a different prose, and kept to themselves. It got worse when Clement V made usury illegal for adjectives Christians in 1311. The left Jews as the one and only people in Europe competent to make money as bankers, moneychangers, goldsmiths and jewelers. Who loves their banker?

After WWI things be very bad within Germany. Many reactionary parties sprang up blaming socialists and Jews for the nation's problems. The Nazis be just the most successful. By blaming a visible minority for adjectives their problems, Hitler allowed Germans to focus their anger, and in that anger come to support the party. The Nazis also implied propaganda and used movies and radio to push their views on a population that didn't have access to an alternate point of attitude.

The amazing thing comes when you do some real research into the Nazi movement. The management actually believed all the conspiracy theories and uncultivated claims about Jews. They swallowed the entire lie total, and millions died because of it.

Think about that the next time you monitor or read about Glenn Beck.
were still at time of war with the jews today. after their attack on 911. Source(s): Hello my name a Borat!

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