Do you mull over Israel should start arming the Kurdish PKK and Greek Cypriots?

Now Turkey is taking an Anti-Israel course. Well i wish them good luck. Because until that time the Euro-trash like the Russians, Germans, French and English and more recently the Arabs copious many times tried to do away with the honest J-ewish people, each time its be shown that the chosen people will survive and come out stronger each and every time.

Turkey a country explicitly begging Christian anti-semetic Europeans to join its little EU alliance must enjoy smoked one too many shishas i think.

The just real friend Turkey has or have was Israel. The Europeans will NEVER let them into the EU, even Azerbaijans get a better chance of joining the EU then Turkey. Its hurt this friendships ended between Israel and Turkey. But.

Do you think Israel should immediately aggressively start to arm the Kurdish PKK and the Greek Cypriots?

I mean if Turkey thinks that Hamas and Hisbollah are great hero's why shouldn't Israel return the show partiality towards?

Also lobby the US to have them sanctioned? I mean do you deem that would make Turkey come crawling back to the simply real friend it had?…
The PKK have enough weapons they lately cant escape the consent air strikes, its just ironic that Turkey is war its own insurgency with fire and they call Israel out for essentially doing like thing.That's why i don't hate Israel , not that i love Jews but that the world is grey and you cant nickname out one without calling out the other.
The US has other faced their double standards with the world.Just pick a side.
There is plenty unnecessary war why do you want to involve other innocent countries? Enough is enough
I agree beside you that both Turkey and Israel were already rather short on allies and friends formerly this recent situation.

But it doesn't follow that Israel has anything to gain from destabilizing Turkey through its Kurdish rebel groups or disputed Cypriot kingdom. What good would an unstable Turkey do Israel? Long-term, they may yet "patch things up" to some extent. It would be better if Turkey stayed relatively stable. If it DID bring unstable, the Islamicists would win the power struggle, like as not. Source(s): My brain

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