Do you associate the adjective "liberal" beside the disappeared or beside the right?

I read on wikipedia that "liberal" takes on a different meaning depending on the Country, so I'd approaching to know what's the first definition that occurs to you..

(please, specify if you live in the uk or within another Country)
thanks in finance
I'm from the UK and associate liberal with the same disdain as a "dash" a liberal amount of seasoning a dart of salt. Yeah sure as long as the ones suggesting it aren't paying fo it who cares? okay i do for one, and so do many other hundreds of thousands of tax payers. Liberal mode "i don't fuckin care"
In the U.S. liberal is associated near the left or Democrats.
The nub. Canada.

Our Conservative party consists mostly of former members of the Reform deputation and they are far right. NDP (New Democrat Party) is mainly a socialist party, so they are far disappeared. That puts the libs in the centre.
Left - UK
I associate liberal with the word liberty.
Is this even a quiz lol? I associate liberal with the left. The right is the contrary of liberal, the right is anti-liberal, anti-civil rights, anti-secularism, etc. They often display fascist tendencies. They are archaic contained by ever way, shape, form, and fashion.
Liberal is gone here in the U.S.
Conservatives are always "right".
left, from U.S.
Here contained by UK Liberal means centre-left or left of central part in political terms. British politics is relatively complex, in that most political parties hold a right and left wing. Thus for example, we get Simon Hughes MP, a Liberal, who is much closer to Labour, than speak Nick Clegg MP who is closer to the Tories.

Indeed, our very own Winston Churchill MP started life on the Liberal Benches near David Lloyd George MP but then crossed the floor of the House to join the Conservatives. This did not clear him suddenly a right wing Tory - oh dear me no. Winston remained committed to many of his Liberal beliefs for all of his go.

Someone once described politics as a form of gangsterism. On the surface all smiles and niceties while underneath a boiling cauldron of filth, disgust and death.

The last element of the above probably sums up the reality of our Coalition Government - I'm not sure if any of us actually voted for that and how the hell are we supposed to vote it pay for into power if it works?

Next election is fixed in solid sand for 7th May 2015 - ooh, it's gonna be an exciting light of day.
liberalism surrounded by the United States differs from liberalism elsewhere in the world because America never had a inherent aristocracy, and so avoided the worst of the class warfare that swept Europe.

The fundemental liberal ideals of freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, right to due process and equality under the imperative, and separation of church and state are widely accepted as a common foundation across the spectrum of liberal thought. The basic focus of modern liberalism in the United States include issues such as voting rights for all developed citizens, equal rights, protection of the environment, and the provision by the government of social services, such as education, strength care, highways, canal, food for the hungry and shelter for the homeless. Source(s): wikipededia- liberalism in the united states In the UK the Liberal Democrats (currently forming a coalition senate with the Conservatives) are Centre-Left. They support "the little guy" but are not anti-big business. They are not extreme lefties/socialists/communists (or whatever the right wingers want to sign people whose views are far to the left), they are more of a compromise between Left and Right.

"Liberal" surrounded by the UK is not used as an insult in matching way as it seems to be used within America. Being "Liberal" in the UK is actually a worthy, positive thing, as it suggests that you are open-minded, next to a strong social conscience.
The left.

But i suppose libertarians are the true liberals.

The left should be called progressive.
I associate "liberalism" with the right. Liberalism claims to champion individual rights but contained by economic terms it boils down to the promulgating property rights and what Soros, that capably known "far left" activist, call " stockholder's rights".

I associate liberalism with free market capitalism.

Presently contained by the UK we have a coalition government comprising of Conservatives and self-styled "Liberal Democrats". It is no surprise to me that "Liberals" more readily chose to ally beside free market Conservatives than with anything remotely resembling a not here wing party - not that "New Labour" are socialist any more.

Liberals have never be of the left in capitalist societies and will other ally with the right when the chips are down. I include America in this. Moderate Republicans and right wing Democrats hold often made common lead to in the past.…
Liberal means "to free" "to change".
All true liberals are right wing .

People who call themselves liberal as a political statement are commonly misguided pseudo socialists .
Radical lefties.
I associate it next to superiority, intelligence, and good looks. Like me.

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