What do u enjoy to do to bring 0331. is that the Saw gunners position contained by the Marines.?

what score do u need to find to be in the ground fighting on the theory test you take for the Marines i think its call avsb or something like that thanks.
SAW gunners are usually assigned from any 03xx pen. Usually they are 0311 riflemen, because the SAW is "lightweight". Within my squad, my SAW gunners have been everything from 0341 mortarmen, 0351 assaultmen, to 0331 machinegunners, and 0311 riflemen. It doesn't situation as long as they come from the infantry field. The Marine Corps is different from the Army, where one a SAW gunner is a position assigned by your leaders and not a specific MOS.

As an 0331, you'd probably be put in a "weapons platoon" or artillery company and use guns ranging from M240B 7.62mm to M2 .50 cal to Mk19 automatic grenade launcher. If you happen to be within a "line platoon", what weapon you're assigned is based on your skills, ability, leadership, and so on. You might have the M4, M203 grenade launcher, Mk12 designated marksman rifle, SAW, or anything else.

For right immediately, I would concentrate on getting a good score on the ASVAB and not worrying going on for the "minimum". Then tell your recruiter that you want to be a machinegunner and you can't be talked out of it. The infantry paddock will whoop your ***, but in the end you will be a better creature from it. Good luck. Source(s): My experiences as infantry in the Marine Corps, with multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. you requirement to score a 0331 on the asvb

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Source(s): you need to rack up atleast a 80 on the General Technical portion of the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery. The GT score is composed of 4 parts on the ASVAB. Arithmetic reasoning, math knowledge(i think), word knowledge and paragraph comprehension.

I took the asvab a month ago and i pwnd it 0331 is not saw 0331 is m240 substantial machine gun,0311 is m4,m16a4,and m249 saw.
and you dont need to capture a high score but your guna involve to study math and English to even enter or your guna end up stuck were you are in a minute so I suggest you get off your *** and dance to the book store or find a math teacher to help.

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