Can my boss lawfully constraint that I start work 15 minutes untimely unpaid?

My boss has told everyone today that she now expects us to turn up 15 minutes up to that time our shifts start in case it is busy. We are unsalaried staff on hourly income, rounded to the nearest 15 minutes. I will usually start early if that is when Ia rrive of my own concord, but hate the idea of individual obliged to do so, particularly as I enjoy two jobs, plus some casual work & am spread pretty high most of the time.

Can she legally make us do this? I touch that if she doesn't consider our current hours sufficient, she should look at extending them in the proper fashion, a bit than trying to get extra work out of everyone for free.

I am particularly annoyed, as I am currently doing a great deal of overtime, paid early starts (over which I enjoy been given pretty much no choice) & cover shifts as a favour & have a feeling that this is really taking the mickey.
I used to start work an hour before my time - the key reason was because i spank all the rush hour traffic and had a straight drive to work thought relaxed. But I then began to resembling starting early - change into uniform own a cup of tea etc an set my desk out all with no rush. I did it because I like it - I did not care what the Chief thought.
If I was TOLD to do it I would probably NOT do it but after look at the personal misery I would feel. Take control is the best way - articulate to your self - "I will go to work early because i will touch relaxed and part of the team etc" If you be paid for the15mins you say it would not be a problem so the issue is not the start time but the principle of one paid for your time.
I worked to rule for 9 months because my boss was unmerited to me ( I was a very sturdy working man) Walked into work DEAD ON THE START TIME. Had my hour for lunch even when dismissal was sometimes early for lunch, I wait til the proper lunch time.
I can tell you it was bloody tricky work acting in this way because of my principles. My best mate woke me out of it. I started early for me not for the firm or the boss.
Turn things to your benefit - do it for you - not for any one else - if you are late(into the new 15 minute time) you can not be disciplined. Give it a walk if you are not appreciated for it then at least you can speak you did your bit. Then go back to the mundane start time.
The prison service UK tried to force staff to start 15 minutes early because of the length of time adjectives staff took to go through the security gate onto the prisoner units. Stating that the start time was on the unit. They lost the case. The start time was when they arrived at the prison revenue. Read your contract.
ELECTORATE states a factually correct stance on this. Worth taking note of.
Nope. She cannot. just document the time you clocked contained by and the time you clocked out, save your paystub, and then lift them both to the Wage and Hour department. Your boss will be paying you and everyone else what you earned as well as enjoy a fine for breaking the law.
Look up your states department of labor and go to the Wage and hour division for minister to.
if you work you're paid. I'm always at work 10 - 15minutes precipitate if for no other reason to be ready to switch on work at starting time, not have to put my baga way and attain settled in, etc.
at my job were expected to be at work 10 minuites in the past our shifts so we have time to get coffee and catch settled to start work on the pay clock.
We are just about in the order of to start a new system of work where I work too (UK - working from home sometimes - but mobile near a van). And we will be expected to 'log-on' HALF an hour before start of shift and work up to half an hour next 'travelling' back home in our own time! They put it to 2 votes a couple of months ago..... the company vote and the confederation vote after so-called consultations that was finally agreed upon. Though I'm not happy nearly this, I have no choice as the majority decided to agree next to the changes.

So it rather depends on your colleagues and if it be correctly balloted and voted upon.
Your boss can constraint nothing legally of you, they can request you start 15 minutes quicker for the going rate. 15 minutes at time and a half, if they don't offer any extra or even flat rate next you're under no obligation to start impulsive. Let them play hard ball, be the big boss. theres this little entity called employee insurance and NI and import tax, if you aren't clocked or signed in then you aren't covered by insurance because within essence you aren't on the premises. If your boss does your cards from 8-4:30 (for example) and you start at 7:45 you aren't insured for those 15 minutes. You can bet your as's if you fell at 7:59 your boss wouldn't even write it down. They would say you were on the premises formerly your alloted time and it's not their problem. As long as your at your work station on the dot for 8 (for example) there is nothing they can do. I used to draw from this, "hey c'mon you we're on the clock here" i had the good sense not to set foot onto the post until 3 minutes to 8. I was paid 8-4:30, i never start work rash, if i signed in at 7:45 i wasn't paid for it or insured. Don't ever consent to a boss tell you you're covered by insurance when you think otherwise.

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