England Police cross-question...?

Is it true that, legally, you don't have to make available your name to a community support officer, and they, technically can't ask for it?
All PCSOs have the following powers, amongst others:

Issuing of fixed penalty notice (e.g. riding on footpath; dog fouling; litter)
Power to confiscate alcohol and tobacco
Power to demand the name and address of a being acting in an anti-social manner
Power of entry to store life or prevent damage
Removal of discarded vehicles
This depends where you are but I would be safe and do what you're told.
It depends from county to county.
There was a program on TV just this minute that discussed just this.
In one part of the country you can of late walk away from PCSO's and they can't do anything, and in other parts they can rightfully stop you.
They haven't got the same powers country wide-ranging.
They can ask for it, but you don't own to tell them, you may have to relate a judge later on down the dash.
No you don't. In reality i would just walk away. Your safeguard would be anyone can dress up as a community support officer these days.
Apart from that CSU's are a joke contained by the UK, and made up of people on an ego trip who would otherwise be unemployed.
Unless they have arrested you a police officer have no right to force you to give your name, so its not promising that PCSOs do.

But the need to ascertain your identify is sufficient reason to arrest you, provided their is a pretty good suspicion that you have been involved contained by an offence, or are about to be.

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