When you hold a blood alcohol audition stale the police, do they exam for cannabis?

Ok, so i got pulled over last dark. police man said he could smell alcohol so breathalyzed me. it came up 40 on the screen an fail( cut back is 35 but i think they let u past its sell-by date if its under 40). but the guy told me that by the time i get to the police station an blow on the police domestic device, it should be below 40. (also in the mean time he said he can smell cannabis on me so ive hand over a baggy with 1 little bud contained by it, so chances are, he knows i smoke). get to the police station. wait in for going on for an hour an we gone in to the room. i could still taste the whiskey contained by my mouth so asked if i could have a drink but the police man said i weren't allowed. when i blew the machine its come up 'mouth alcohol'. so he said i gotta do a blood test. which i gave consent. so essentially what i want to know is, will they test for any thin else except drink? because i reflect i had half a beer an 2 small shots of whiskey within about the space of 5-6 hours so think i may be ok almost the drink but i do smoke bud quite regualy so just needed 2 know if they would prosecute 4 that (and even look 4 it?)

By the way im Based in the U.K

Hope some1 can advance me :|


he police man (he was on his own when he pulled me) said that if i gave him wat be on me that wud b that cause he could smell it an it was solely a small amount. also when i got there i didnt see him paw anythin over as evidence to the person behind the desk. fingers crossed eh :(
i repeat the police man said "as long as i leave behind wateva was on me over he would not charge me 4 it" so im just wondering if it be gonna say i was over the contain of cannabis aswell as alcohol?
no, they only tested you for alcohol, if you got caught near weed or cannabis(lol) then maybe if you be convicted of a serious weed offense and put on supervised probation they would routinely drug test you. but from what you are saying dont verbs about it. quit stressin the small $hit Source(s): lots-a-run-ins with police when you are arrested for drunk driving they trial you for drugs and alcohol....bro don't let these people kid you.....come on man deliberate about it, you go out and shoot 50 dollars worth of coke and drink a beer attain pulled over, of course they are going to test for drugs....the apology the cop did a blood test on you is because he thought you were lofty.....I'm not trying to be an Azz, I'm telling you the truth bro...I've been through the system oodles times....its possible you might walk away from this....but you should be ready to not put your foot away too....
Wish you luck man...
Don't know if they will interview for weed, but either way you 'should' be ok because weed stays contained by the blood for months, so they could never prove you were stoned when you drove. They hoped you would fess up to possesion, but because you didn't and they found none, you must be ok. As for alchohol, from what
you say you should be below on the blood theory test, best of luck!
I doubt they will test for the drugs if they weren't booked in at custody. Advice don't drink or smoke anything prior to driving!.... I would cross your fingers and hope your your clear otherwise bye bye licence.....
If they have a reason to believe you may hold consumed illicit drugs. on the blood test packet they tick drink and drugs. The other options are drink singular and drugs only. If they knew you have cannabis then it is likely they'll confirm that contained by the blood test, however the charge for drink and drugs without possession is treated like peas in a pod.

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