Definition to TERRORIST?

When you hear the word ‘terrorist’ what’s the first thing that enters your mind-Muslim?-Islam?-headscarf?-Burqa/Jil… near bombing and the 9/11 what else? No I’m sure you don’t think of the Palestine war which includes ‘Americans’ or the ‘BNP’ and their disorderly ways do you know the definition to the word terrorist?-it means ‘somebody who uses violence, especially bombing, kidnap, and assassination, to intimidate others, often for political purposes’
Now, did you know young girls contained by Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan have been kidnap and raped by American and British soldiers-is this not a terrorist attack, yet they are not Muslims and did you know that, Muslim terrorist are only taking revenge for the death of their families, yet I do feel this is wrong. And did you know that their is no reason for the British and American soldiers to remain in Iraq or Palestine or Afghanistan but just for their sickly pleasure-do you know that people in Palestine are scraggy and the children in Afghanistan are dying for no reason and that Iraq is striving for aid but is not reception much only hate? Do the children of these places deserve this.

All this passing and pain WE caused them so they impart us the same to help us read their hurt. I only wish for peace and the merely thing that unites us is blood and disappearance and feelings-we all have morale
You are wasting your time trying to find a definition for terrorist as there isn't one.
A "terrorist" is one fighting for a lead to that the Americans or the Israelis disagree with.
Definition of a terrorist:
Poorly educated and easily lead
Befriended by those who will lead them to their death
Trusting of those same population
Filled with hate for anything they don't have a handle on (practically everything)
Unconcerned by how many innocent people they will eradicate in their pursuit of their own political aims
Supported by idiots like you Source(s): Take past its sell-by date the rose-tinted glasses and join the rest of us within the REAL world When I think terrorist, the first thing I cogitate is suicide bomber. The second is the CIA.

I think saying that the solely reason for us to remain in Afghanistan [a period of war I've disagreed with from the start] is "for their own sickly pleasure," is absolutely incorrect. American soldiers *died* within Afghanistan. Iraq too.

And they're only taking revenge for the death of their family? Many Muslim countries despise America, have for years, and would love to see it destroyed. Source(s): >>independent realist "If an American soldier raped a girl and we didn't destroy him, he'd be crucified by our courts. It doesn't really transpire, there aren't any chances. Your buddies are within everywhere." - US Marine Cpl. 3 combat tours.

We have given them freedom and they obviously can't feel that. Their culture is childish, they can't form a government and we're STILL there trying to lend a hand them do something they will never do on their own.
When I think terrorist, the first thing I regard about is somebody who deliberately go out of their way to inflict terror, whether emotionally or physically, on other associates. There are a wide variety of individuals and organisation who employ terrorist tactics - not merely muslims.

Some of us as you see, are well aware of this, however, a few things cannot be denied:


The Madrid and London bombings

The fatwa against Salman Rushdie for his novel 'The Satanic Verses'

The fatwa against Danish politician Ayann Hirsi Ali for speaking out against Islam.

The Fatwa against Geert Wilders, another Danish politician, for speaking out against Islams attitude toward homosexuality.

The extermination of Theo Van Gogh, an European filmmaker, killed on the streets of the Netherlands for his movie nearly women in Islam called 'submission'.

The destruction of Seven people and the Danish embassy being burned worldwide - over a computer graphics.

You see, I can distinguish from a terrorist and a muslim, but at the moment it seems most muslims are the ones doing the terrorising. Like it or lump it. It's truth!
And What, exactly did anyone in Britain do to injure you before Islam went out to obviously slaughter innocent people at 9/11?.....Islam is a hate fuelled religion. Islam have been bombing people for years!! Where ever Islam dominates nearby is violence hatred resentment and suppression. How dare you try to give the west as reasoning for it all. sheer despise and poisonous bile that seeps from every pour of Islams body is the cause of the worlds terrorist problem. And y'know what....Islam will still be doing indistinguishable in a thousand years time. Islam needs to pick a element of the world agreed by every one, and live separately from the rest of mankind. It just quite simply refuse to evolve. Ive got news for you, 90% of adjectives British people want out of Iraq and Afghanistan. 90% of us didn't want to be involved in that period of war in the first place. So instead of targeting the innocent, tolerate islam grow a set of balls and target the guilty for once......or would that take for a moment more courage than Islam possesses.
A terrorist is not from any one group.

The problem is that when a state does something, it often has a different word than when a non-state body does something. Illegal drugs enjoy legal names. Legal "murder" is an execution.

So when a state carry out "terrorism", what is it?

Crow asks what the British did to the muslims before 9/11.

Someone ovbviously has rose tinted specs on British history.

Let's see. Afganistan, the British go in and tried to subdue the people. Pakistan be British controlled. The Sudan was a famous one because of Gordon. How more or less the control of palestine, which Britian gave to Israel, even though it was without a doubt going to cause major problems, which still exist today. How going on for Iraq, apart from the war in Iraq when we help to invade it, we invaded Iraq in WW1 and messed it up, forcing nationhood upon an area that be not very united.

How frequent different examples of British history messing around the muslims do we need? Crow says that everywhere Islam goes, violence follows, but it seemed that the Christians caused adjectives the problems in the first place, mess it all up, confer on and then say that it be someone else's fault.

This is why the BNP does well, revisionist history that ignore just about ever certainty going.

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