Why is marijuana unendorsed nonetheless alcohol isn't?

They both cause damage to the body, and i'd read out alcohol causes alot more...

What do you think?
Thanks ~
Because the people at the top, say so...simples.
What humane of damage does marijuana do to the body?
And please don't tell me that it destroys your lungs because you can use a vaporizer or consume marijuana as a food. Marijuana is a medication. It's used for sleep, throbbing and nausea. Alcohol is a serial killer.

(a)Welcome to America you don't need to smoke marijuana. Try, try again.

(a)WRG the prime reason marijuana was made unjust was based on cultural stigma around the plant. So are you condoning the racism of our government from close to a century ago?

I am so tired of people pretending they enjoy any sort of palpable opinion on the subject when they know absolutely zilch.
alcohol use is on the increase and around 50.000 die a year and 100.000 obligation NHS treatment and this is also on the rise.

Dope on the other hand is responsible for about one departure a year.
Crime, black market and the conspiracy people will update you all drugs are controlled by corrupt governments and they engineer too much too legalise it.

It's also been said most american US bills have traces of cocaine... so I judge the conspiracy guys have it right, other wise. Why is it unauthorized giving cigarettes like drink kill so abundant of our people in the UK alone.
Because the majority of the folks have decided they want it that agency and said so through their elected representatives. Should they will of the majority change you will see the law modification.
Alcohol is well documented on the damage it cause and there are cultural barriers which propose you are frowned upon if you abuse it (although you wouldn't believe so on a Friday night).

Marijuana however still has unknown effects (since pot head violently dispute any evidence the drug isn't perfect), the culture to the drug is to deliberately misuse it to get "high" and to live a student life minus the studying. Studies have shown brain damage surrounded by young users who used the drug frequently in their teens and can presently no longer function in society. It is not a harm free drug, within many ways it is far more dangerous than the class A drugs since its side effects hit the brain and not the body.
The fundamental reason is because alcohol dulls the senses and make us stupid. Governments approaching this. Marijuana however causes us to re-assert the values we've been indoctrinated beside all our lives and question things. Governments don't approaching this.

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